Momo Stir-Fry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

At Juggernaut's concept restaurant one veggie is celebrated at a time. Momo stir-fry on Mondays, Cho-Cho on Tuesdays and Baigan on Saturdays. Everyboidy is welcome at Juggernaut's.


Momo Stir-Fry

Subba Rao


“How far you reached on your concept Restaurant business?” Dan looked at Juggernaut working at his desk.”

“I am almost there,”

“Yeah, what’s the name of your restaurant?”


“So you named the restaurant after you.”


“What kind of food is served? Indian I suppose.”

No particular ethnic food is served at Juggernaut’s.”

“So you serve salads to soups, hamburgers to steaks; pasta to pizza and anything in between?”

“No; at Juggernaut’s, a particular veggie is celebrated on a designated day, that’s it.”

“What you mean?”

“Say on a Monday, Momo is celebrated at Juggernaut’s.”

; Momo stir-fry, sweet and sour Momo, stuffed Momo, Momo soup and any dish with Momo.”

“What is Momo? It sounds more like a pet’s name?”

“Momo is a name I gave to Bitter Melon; after all who wants to order a dish that starts with bitter, Asians love to eat dishes made with Bitter Melon also called Bitter Gourd, and all Americans shall try this veggie for its unique taste.”

“How you came up with a name like Momo for Bitter Melon?”

“With some knowledge in agricultural science, I know the scientific name for Bitter Melon is Momordica charantia; I shortened Momordica to Momo. Momo sounds short and sweet though the veggie itself tastes bitter when it is uncooked. Mondays are Momo days at Juggernaut’s; dishes made with  only Momo are served; say  Momo stir-fry, stuffed Momo or Momo soup with sesame seeds and sweet and sour Momo on steamed rice for vegans.”

“Well, the concept of celebrating a single veggie is unique I never heard before.”

“On paper, all my concepts work well so why not Momo on Mondays,”

“So what’s cooking at Juggernaut’s on Tuesdays?”

“Uummm, Cho-Cho curry, soup and pie.”

“What is Cho-Cho, you got me again?”

“Cho-Cho is another name for Chayote squash; who want to eat a vegetable with a name sounds more like Coyote so I sell it as Cho-Cho.  Tuesdays are Cho-Cho days at Juggernaut’s.”

“What is so special about Cho-Cho”

“Cho-Cho is good to stretch apple sauce in making Apple pies and good in making all kinds of soups.”

“I am sure you have designated a day to celebrate Eggplant, the mother of all vegetables.”

“Yes, Saturday is Baigan day at Juggernaut’s; stir-fry, stuffed, deep fried, or roasted  Baigan is served on every Saturday.”

“Your concept restaurant ‘Juggernaut’s’ will be a great success celebrating one veggie a day,” “I recommend all Americans to eat at least one pure veggie meal a day.”

“Thank you Dan, you and all others are welcome at Juggernaut’s to celebrate one veggie at a time.”


Submitted: February 12, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Juggernaut. All rights reserved.

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