My List of Wishful Thinking

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An incomplete list on my wishful thinking.

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



Wishful Thinking

Subba Rao


North and South Korea becomes one democratic country.

Tibet shall become independent nation

The rights of indigenous people around the world fully restored

Falkland Islands returned to Argentina

Scotland and Wales shall become truly independent nations

Dissolve Northern Ireland

Kurds shall have their own country

Religious centers like Mecca, Jerusalem and Banaras shall become independent City States

India, China, Russia and US shall voluntarily divide into few independent nations

In countries like China, Cuba, North  Korea and  in other countries where there is no democracy and elections  now , the peoplec shall have their own elections conducted on internet in electing their candidates thus establishing democracy giving a jump start.

Abolish monarchy wherever it exist now

No country shall own territories outside their borders

No country shall be allowed to maintain military bases outside their country

Facilitate free movement of people across the borders throughout the world with least restrictions

 Any person live and work in any country for ten years shall be offered citizenship in that country

Scrap United Nations

Eliminate weapons of mass destruction

Eliminate atomic reactors even for peaceful purposes

Universal health care in every country

Any person can walk into a permitted facility to end their life with no questions asked

The US dollar and Euro as reserve and exchange currency in the world at present should be replaced with Universal currency printed by the World Bank with its value pegged to world economies both poor and rich to facilitate fair trade among the nations of the world. This provides level playing field for all the countries and prevent countries that artificially kept their currency values low to sell their products and services cheap on foreign markets.

Gold, silver and other precious metals should be declared useless with zero value

Political, pharmaceutical and food advertisements on radio and TV shall be banned

Ban all the TV and radio talk shows worldwide

Strictly enforce laws to regulate greenhouse gasses and particulates

Permit vehicles run on only electric or natural gas

Recycle 100% inorganic and organic waste

Close all the landfills and replace with recycle centers

Subsidize mass transit in every town in the world

Remove subsidies in Agriculture and animal production world wide

Penalize countries with high population growth

Lifelong ban on athletes using PEDs

National elections in every country shall be monitored by independent monitors  

Clean drinking water and sanitary facilities in every village in the world

Declare salt, sugar and saturated fat as controlled substances





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