Pass Interferance

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At work place like in sports if the HR staff perform like umpires on the football field, penalize those that perpetuate foul play, companies can ratain talented workers.

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



Pass Interference

Subba Rao

“Pass interference, fifteen yard penalty, first down,” shouted the umpire stretching his hands forward with both palms wide open. Some fans jeered and others cheered loudly.

In sports, umpires on the field and in the booth upstairs watch every player on the field for infractions and penalize accordingly.  Recalls and further review options were available for the team coaches to pursue further if they were not happy with on-field umpire decisions.  In sports, unfair practices seldom go unpunished, sooner or later, it will catch up like steroid usage by athletes that come to haunt the perpetuators decades after their use.

At work place, the Human Resources department has a duty to monitor the behavior of the every member of staff.  But in reality, the HR is a joke at most work places when it comes to self monitoring and compliance. Juggernaut work experience with two vice presidents at a company attests lack of a system to evaluate the so called decisions of supervisory staff. The two vice-presidents in question were self-serving in their decision to rail-road the career of their subordinates. If a system were to be in place at work places as in sports to monitor the decisions of supervisory staff, incompetent staff would be weeded out and workers with potential would get opportunities. The two VPs should have been caught and reprimanded for pass interference, a sports analogy.  Similarly, the gross personal misconduct at work by some was comparable to personal foul and unnecessary roughness on a player. These people were country bumpkins unworthy of working at corporate office or any place for that matter but the system allowed these people to continue to work even now.  While watching football, every time an umpire charges penalty for pass interference or personal foul for unfair play, it reminds Juggernaut of people at his former work place that perpetuated pass-interference and got away without it.

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