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A thought from a writer with high hopes, and wavering belief in ability.

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



I have written several things on this site, books, informational,  poetry and personl thoughts. I came here with the hopes that my stories might be read and enjoyed. That I might get good comments and suggestions was a great drive to post here as well. At first when I began writing "A Time of Darkness" I recieved a great many of both of these. My fans multiplied and gobbled up the story as if they could not get enough. Then they slowly backed away as it neared the end and then no one seemed interested as I tried to write the second book. The lack of continued enthusiasm created a falling interest to complete this story as well. I have since decided to erase this, and likely will some time after finishing this writing.

My decision to do this rests with two different things- no continued responses since I stopped, and because it is completely re-writing itself in my head. I am also thinking of removing others which no one seemed to take interested in. I will leave up those that were liked and commented upon as well as well as those which are only on hold for lack of time or because other stories have currently crowded it into the background.

I have also discovered that my personal experience writing and factual entries still recieve comments and questions years after they were written. For this reason I will leave these up for continued seekers of advice. This particular writing is both to vent my frustration as a writer who cannot edit the story which drew in so many, and to ask the ever eternal question of those writers who are still struggling. Why?

Why do the numbers go up, and yet no one gives comment, encouragement or suggestion as to how to make it draw your attention more? We long for thes things. Without the feeling given that our stories are indeed cherished and craved we begin to give up on them. I myself have a few things that keep me writing- I love to write, if I don't the story simply keeps starting itself over and over again until I do, and that ever stubborn "You think I can't? Watch me!" attitude that an art teacher created by telling me I could not draw something I had already drawn a million times previously because it was beyond my skill. However, my posting my work here will only continue if I begin to get readers who comment and let me know i am still desired here.

I am sure there are many other writers who have vanished from booksie entirely for the same reason I have not shared more of my writng thus far. Why bother? No one cares enough to tell us they want more. So here is for those out there who think reading is enough for your favorite authors- It isn't. Comment, tell us you want more- trust me it inspires us to give it and makes us more interested in seeing what you might do and comment in return.

Dedicated to the memory of on who left us and inspired any with his presence- Leonheart.

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