Restore My Good Name

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The real god in the heaven fed up with the humanity for misusing his name go to court to restore his good name.

Submitted: April 14, 2014

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Submitted: April 14, 2014





Restore My Good Name


“Order, All Rise, case number 141 – God versus people. Judge, all the parties sworn in, please be seated and maintain silence during the proceedings,” said the bailiff, handing over the docket to the judge Juggernaut.

Judge Juggernaut was in his mid-sixties but looks young for his age, one of the very few India Americans on the bench in US courts. He has the history of vexing both the prosecution and defense attorneys by asking philosophical and often rhetorical questions.

“Sir, I understand from your submission that you filed a suit against the people of the world for invoking your good name God without your permission,” Judge Juggernaut looked at the plaintiff with curiosity.

“Yes your honor. I filed this case to restore my good name and stop people using my name without my permission at events across the world,” replied a man in late seventies with long shoulder length silver hair and white beard with thick mustache.

“I noticed that your recorded your name as God; is it your first or last name?” asked Judge.

“I goes by only one name God, the one and only the real God; the same god people worship around the world sometimes with different names in different cultures,” replied the old man.

“You were not the first to claim to be god in my court; I have seen many weird people in my court in the past that proclaim to be the god,” Judge Juggernaut appeared calm.

“May be your honor, but I am the real god; believe it or not. For this court appearance, I manifested as a human to clear my name,” the old man stood firm.

“Well, what can I say except that I am honored to have the real god appeared in my court to defend himself. May I ask you why you chose to appear in an American court when you have a choice as god to appear in a court in any one of two hundred countries in the world?” the judge was curious.

“I consider the American judiciary provides equal justice to all parties on a level playing field and proceeds expeditiously towards a resolution unlike in other countries where it takes decades to bring cases to a trial.”

“Coming from god, if you are a real god, I appreciate your confidence in American justice system; please proceed with your opening statement,” Judge Juggernaut appeared pleased.

“Your honor, I recently heard the State of the Union speech by the President of the United States of America. The president concluded his speech by saying God Bless America; who is he to say god bless America, he neither asked my permission or I gave him a permission to say that. He cannot say on my behalf and he was not my agent either to act on my behalf,” the god looked annoyed.

“It was just a customary to say God Bless America at the end of public speeches by politicians," the judge was conciliatory in his voice.

“Precisely that’s my point judge; people even if they were public leaders cannot invoke my name without my permission. May be I don’t want to bless any country for nothing.”

“Then what you suggest the leaders have to say at the end of their speech?”

“At best they can say I beg god to consider blessing our country or anything that do not sound superfluous and artificial like god bless America.”

“Do you have further objections in invoking your name?”

“Yes your honor; say In God we Trust; why anybody should trust me, most people don’t even think about me unless they were in trouble and only think about me for a relief; so why people say what they don’t mean,” now the god was really irritated.

“I understand your frustration; any other objections?”

“Yes judge; when people were asked whom do you believe? The standard answer is I believe in god; I think it is a vain answer to hide behind my good name and this attitude of people frustrates me the most.”

“If you have any more gripes on use of your name, please let it out now,” the judge gave another opportunity to god to express his discontent on use of this name.

“Yes you honor; God Save the Queen is common expression in England and in some other countries. The Queen of England is the richest woman in the world and she doesn’t need my protection nor do I give it to her even if she begs for it. I am not in the business of either protecting or punishing people. The fate of the people on earth is determined by the consequences of their own action.  I beg not to drag me into the business of saving people.” The god folded his both hands as if he gave up.

The Attorney General personally appeared in the court to represent the people. Attorney General Ram Bachan was third generation immigrant from the Caribbean with dark skin and grey goatee appeared scholarly and distinguished.

“You honor, I have been listening to this man who claims to be the real god and I want to ask him whether the god created the plant and animal kingdom including the humans by intelligent design or natural evolution took place to evolve into various plant and animal species as we see on the mother earth today?” the Attorney General looked at the old man hoping to get an answer.

“Your honor, I categorically deny once for all that I have a hand in creation of life on the earth or on any other planet in the universe; I am not in the business of creation or destruction of life; I am only a spectator as the universe evolved into what everybody see today and it is still evolving into something I have no clue,” replied the god looking at the Attorney General.

“Then why people say for times immemorial that In God’s Creation?” Mr. Ram Bachan threw another question.

“You should ask the people and not me. I did not create anything; that’s why I am here to let the world know that I was not responsible for anything that happens on the earth or any other planet in the universe; please stop making me responsible or delegating responsibility to me for anything that people cannot understand or explain,” the god was emphatic.

“Then why we the people say Thank God or God Knows?” Mr. Ram Bachan gave a ridiculous look at the god.

“People should not thank me for the deeds I did not facilitate to happen nor blame me either if the events don’t turn in their favor; I don’t want people to thank me for nothing.”

“Well, what you want me from my court,” asked Judge Juggernaut.

“I want to be left alone. I don’t want people to invoke my name even if the leaders were heads of countries, kings or heads of any religious order.”

“Even the pope?” asked the Attorney General.

“Pope or king or an emperor or even the president of the United States of America cannot imply or invoke my name. I don’t want people misusing my good name to hide their inadequacies and short comings to divert attention.  I want the entire humanity to find some other entity or name instead of my name God for their belief system either to blame for their failures or praise for their success,” the god turned towards the Judge as if he was begging for a ruling.

“With the power bestowed on me by the people of this country, I grant you the immunity from any and all actions by the people either consciously or unconsciously imply your name to hide their ignorance and benefit from misusing your good name. No person shall either praise or blame you for any action or inaction on earth. Henceforth, no person shall invoke your name for their selfish gains,” judge Juggernaut brought down the gavel gently to touch his desk to bring the proceedings into a speedy conclusion as requested by the god.

“I thank your honor for conducting the trial expeditiously to the conclusion.” The god thanked the American jurisprudence for resolving a problem vexing the god for a long time and vanished into thin air as the court officials stood in amazement and nobody dared to say loudly praise the god since it is illegal to invoke the name of god publically as per the new court ruling.

© Copyright 2020 Juggernaut. All rights reserved.

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