Show Me What You Got

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To hurt somebody's ego, go after their national pride, the way Juggernaut go about.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Show Me What You Got

Subba Rao


I am magnanimous

I think big

I see larger picture

But if I were to get mad at somebody

All bets are off

I go after their national pride to hurt their ego like

All we got from you Indians is curry

There is no Pakistan without Mutton Biriyani

You Bangladeshis are only good in cooking fish

Dim Sum is China and China is Dim Sum

Mexicans your life revolves around Tacos and Burritos

You Italians all you think about is Pasta and Pizza 

You Portuguese all you can make is Malasadas

Poles can only think about Sausages

You Russians cannot think straight without Vodka

Nothing beyond Poi and Laulau for you Hawaiians

Only you Scandinavians can eat Lutefisk

 Goulash and Pierogies that’s it for people from Eastern Europe

Jewish are only good in making Pastrami

Irish only passtime is drinking

Labskaus that’s all Germans are good at

There is nothing beyond Sushi for Japanese

All we get is brain freeze from eating Greek Baklava

Without Jerk Pork Jamaica is nothing

Without Curry Goat there is no Trinidad

Besides eating Shish Kebabs what else Turks do

All we got from you Northerners is chewy Bagel

You Southerners can only fry chicken and boil Black Eye beans


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