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Standing on a vertical staircase from birth to death is tiring. Can we change this?


Subba Rao

“I am tired of living on this vertical staircase for so long,” complained Juggernaut loudly.

“You were not standing on the stairs, you are sitting on a chair in my office spitting out concepts and abstract ideas with no practical applications to make money,’ Dan looked at Juggernaut with a look of “are you kidding me?”

“Not just me, the entire world population close to 7 billion born and live on the steps of a vertical staircase on which either you can go up or down and no sideways.” “If it is children growing up, their growth is defined in terms of class from 1st grade, if a student takes a proficiency test of some kind, it is all about the score, low or high; if a student get admitted into a college, is it tier 1, II or III college? Everything is measured on a vertical scale either up or down, low or high as if there were only two directions, that’s why I feel that I have been living on a vertical stairway as I know myself.”

“Since you put it that way, I can see that I am also living on the stairway too, when I was making a million, people making over a million were looking down on me standing on a step above me; now I am making two million, there were scores of others looking down on me from step above; I am either below somebody or above somebody, I don’t want to stand on this stairs.” Dan suddenly opened up his heart as if somebody opened a zipper and let him out from a body bag.

“I am glad you quickly figured it out what I have been feeling for decades and could not articulate my feelings,” juggernaut looks relieved of some inner pain. “Everyone should feel that they are standing on a mound at the center of a Baseball field with a view of almost 360 degrees and not like a Cricket field pitch that allows running between the wickets up and down only.”

“Your cricket pitch analogy explains all; no wonder why when I started watching Baseball, I fell in love with the game watching the players running between the bases around the field not just between wickets up and down as in Cricket; the pitcher or bowler in the baseball has to look around almost 360 degrees when bases are loaded not like a bowler in Cricket who concentrates on one batsman straight ahead, just one direction,” Dan was lighted up.

“We shall consider scrapping titles like V.P, President, CEO, CFO, Dr. Professor, Dean, etc., these are gross misnomer resulted from vertical scale evaluations.  I worked with two VPs; both got the jobs through vertical scale evaluations. None of these men have adequate skills in their trade; for their performance they deserve average salary instead they were paid six figures salary with hefty bonus and stock options. The VP titles only brought their ingrained boorish behavior to open,” “Evaluating performance either at school or work on a vertical scale results in what we now see mediocre persons occupying responsible positions.” 

“Well, we need totally a different new perspective on the way a person is evaluated so the person selected for the job has 360 degree vision in every aspect of trade, business or any occupation,” I am for the one, never underwent vertical scale evaluation by an idiot to reach where I am; a self made business man,” Dan looked at Juggernaut with a proud look talking about himself obviously, while Juggernaut was pouring cheap wine into his coffee mug.

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Raymond Crane

This reminds me of the old method of assembling cars. A worker stood in one spot all day long doing the same thing hundreds or even thousands of times a day as the conveyer belt went passed him or her. Now, the worker moves along the production line, multitasking. Things can improve. Thanks for your vision, Raymond Crane.

Sun, August 26th, 2018 7:42am

Raymond Crane

Your story and mine are as old as time. For in ages past there were not man,made mountains with physical staircases but only zigzagging, winding paths that went only one way, up the mountain path. Hence that song , ,Go tell it on a mountain,
Let my people go.
Thanx again, Raymond Crane.

Sun, August 26th, 2018 8:26am

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