Who Am I

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There is a commom thread between Iphone, Ipod, I and I and Whom Am I. Read it.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



I and I

Subba Rao

“The prefix ‘I’ in iphone or iPod or ipad may have roots in “I and I,’ the Rastafarian mantra and “I” thought of Ramana Maharshi, the 19th century Hindu sage whose self inquiry “Who am I,” turns mind inwards to keep unnecessary thought out,” Juggernaut concluded his thesis and looked at Dan for his response.

“It sounds farfetched to say the least that the thought that went into using the letter ‘I” in iphone or ipod came from the Rastafarian belief of “I and I,’ and ‘I” inquiry of Hindu mystic Ramana Maharshi,” Dan looked unconvinced.

I and I Jah Rastafari,” is the mantra or a chant for Rastafarians like Jai Sita Ram (praise Lord Rama and Sita) for Hindus or Hallelujah (praise God) for Christians or Insha’Allah (God Willing) for Muslims,” if one were to use a prefix of say “Jai,” or “Insha,” or “Hallelujah,” for a product name it is obvious that these words weren’t the invention of the product developers, these words were in existence for thousands of years, so as the expression “I and I’, and “Who am I,” these words were in use for over hundred years, therefore my contention was that the idea of using the prefix ‘I’ in iphone came from thought of “I and I”, and “Who am I.” Juggernaut was firm in his opinion.

Rastafarianism was originated in Jamaica not long ago; it is not an ancient religion like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or Judaism. Rastafarianism is not a cult but regarded as a way of life or some kind of belief. The people that follow Rastafarian belief are known as Rastafarians or Rastas in short. The world renowned Reggae singer Bob Marley is a Rastafarian.

Rastafarians believe that Haile Selassie, the last Emperor of Ethiopia was reincarnation of God (like Lord Rama for Hindus). “I and I,” one of the central elements of Rastafarian belief resonates with the “whom am I,” the common phrase of Hindu mystic Ramana Maharshi of Arunachal Hill in South India.

There are many similarities between true Rastafarians and Hindu Sadhu. A Sadhu renounces material world in pursuit of God through Hindu faith is generally characterized by vegetarianism and dreadlocks. Similarly, true Rastafarians also denounce material world and follow vegetarianism and grow hair into dreadlocks. The austerity and saint like life style among true Rastafarians and their mantra “I and I,’ to reiterate the importance of self introspection to become a better person is similar to the Ramana Maharishi’s philosophy of self questioning “whom am I?” to reach inside one’s soul.

“I and I, and who am I,’ old mantra to become ‘iphone and ipad,’ new mantra for the users of the devices is a blessing in disguise. When using iphone or ipad, if one were ask ‘who am I,’ or I and I,’ the self inquiry could lead to something good, irrespective of your evolutionary theory on Iphone,” agreed Dan looking at Juggernaut using an Iphone.

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