What would i do without them

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juggling clubs

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



I Don’t Know What I would do Without Them.

Everyday when I arrive home from a long day at school, I use my most treasured and prized possession.  They are very close to me and I don’t know what I would do without them.  Most people would say they are an unusual most prized possession and they would probably be correct.  They are juggling clubs.  I have three of them.  One is fire truck red, one is Lowe’s blue, and one is Caution Sign Yellow. They all have hyperlite stickers on them, with black handles wrapped in black juggling grip tape.  All three of them have a black cap on the top.  They have a glare line running down the sides of them when they are under light; they are sort of like bowling pins with handles.  Each one of them is hollow and about 3 pounds.  I learned how to juggle in about two days by taking my sock balls and trying to juggle.  I got real red, yellow, blue, and green juggling balls and my clubs for Christmas from my grandma.  You’d think it would take me less than two days to juggle clubs since I already knew how to juggle, but it took me five!  It was really hard to get them to flip right so that they land perfectly in your hands.  Once I learned how, I raced over to my grandma’s house to show her.  She always loved to watch me do the things I thrive in so this was a joy to her.  With juggling balls I can do over thirty different variations of tricks.  Up to this day, I can only do four with the clubs. Every time I juggle my clubs I think of the smiling face of my grandma when she saw how happy I was when I first unwrapped them. That’s why up to this day I will cherish them forever.

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