First Dance

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The young maiden Ivory has been hassled day after day to choose a man to be her husband, yet all they seek from her are power. Will today be any different?

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



Ivory was standing in the corner of the ballroom, once again surrounded by men, asking her hand to dance. 
She had grown tired of telling them no, so she had decided to just sit there and ignore them as they fought over who she would be dancing with. 
Her father, the king, held a ball every week in the palace, despite her protests. She knew that it was because he wanted her to socialize, to meet someone, but she didn't care. 
She knew that every man around her only cared about her for her royal status, and did not care for her because of who she was. And because of that, she stood there. 
That is, until an arm reached through the crowd and pulled her out from the corner, away from all of the fighting men. 
Ivory lurched forward and fell into someone's chest, but she immediately pushed herself off, to look at him directly. 
He was a man of average height, average build, average everything to be honest. Except for his eyes. 
In his eyes, she saw something that she couldn't see in the other men's, but she couldn't place it. 
However, this did not stop her from being offended. "What do you think you're doing?" She asked, pulling her hand away. 
"Getting you away from all of those other men." The man explained. "Now come on, dance with me, it will keep them away. And I think you'll need to pick that choice soon."
Turning her head slightly, she saw he was right. The other men had noticed that she had been pulled from them, and started to make their way over to her. She sighed, and held forward her hand, which he took with a smile before leading her to the floor. 
"I could've handled myself." Ivory grumbled under her breath, as she was lead through the steps, her own still slightly rigid from both reluctance and rustiness. 
"I know you could have, you look like someone who'd be able to." The man said. "But what's the fun in that?" 
"Now, my question is, why we're all of those men surrounding you?" The man asked, covering for her slight missteps by changing his own movements. "Well, other than the fact that you're the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on." 
"You're just lying, everyone says that just to try to get me to like them." Ivory scoffed. "And I suppose you're the same."
"Oh, I do not lie when I say that you are the most gorgeous creature I have ever had the privilege of meeting." The man said, pulling her through each step and twirl.
"You really don't know who I am, do you?" Ivory said surprised. 
"Not the faintest." He said frankly. 
"Then I should hope we will keep it that way." Ivory smirked, as she moved closer in, making the originally mammoth sized gap now only half that. However, she was still rusty, and would occasionally misstep. 
The man suddenly leaned in closer to her, and whispered in her ear, "Follow my lead, let's give them all a show." 
And not a moment later, the two of them began moving fluidly, the man leading her through a myriad of twists, steps, spins, going all around the entirety of the ballroom. The other patrons moved as they approached, and before they knew it, they had been alone in the center, dancing together. 
But neither of them had noticed. They were too entranced by the dance they were performing. And it was in that moment that Ivory knew what had been in the man's eyes, the thing that she couldn't see in the other's, the thing that she thought was lost long ago. Well, it hadn't been one thing, it had been two. 
The first, was a sense of fun. The way he elegantly turned, the way he pulled her from the crowd, it hasn't been to impress anyone, or to further himself in any way, it had been to enjoy himself, and make the others around him enjoy themselves as well. 
The other, was love. It had exploded from his eyes, from his body from the moment that he had set eyes on her, and it hadn't left since. This dance was not to show anyone that he was worthy of her hand, but to simply show her that he had become completely enraptured with her, without even knowing who she was. 
With that, she pulled herself in closer to him. However, this made him lose his balance, as he fell, taking her by the hand with him. She landed on top of him, and stared down into his face, before the two of them burst into laughter. 
"I think it's about time you tell me your name." Ivory chuckled, still in the same position she had fallen into. 
"Sir Jacob, Earl of Falkreach, at your service." He said, tipping an imaginary hat up at her.
Ivory laughed once again, before turning to the stairs, where at the top, the king stood, smiling. "Father," Ivory smiled. "I think I've fallen for him." 
The end.

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