Goddess of the Ivory Moon

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A lone traveler happens upon a lake in the middle of the forest. What will he find there?

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



Once upon a time...
There was a lonesome traveler, a man, traveling the lands, for the thrill of adventure. 
However, night was falling fast on the man, and he needed to find a place soon, or not have one at all. 
However, as soon as he was beginning to give up hope, he came on a small clearing. 
There was a small bit of land for him to set himself up, but the thing that had caught his eye was the massive lake in the middle. 
However, looking down at the lake, it was clear that the lake was only about ankle deep at all points. 
However, that fact hadn't bothered him at all. What transfixed his eyes was how clear and reflective the water was. 
Even with the limited amount of light left in the sky, the lake shown a bright orange. 
The man was astounded. His eyes had never seen anything like it. 
So, as would be obvious, he immediately set up camp, and sat by the water. 
However, night quickly came, and the lonely traveler went into his tent and drifted off to sleep. 
However, he was awoken from a sound outside, out over the lake. It sounded vaguely like.. Singing?
Sure enough, when the man departed his tent, he found, to his surprise, a woman, standing directly under the moon's magnificent full glow. 
Immediately upon setting eyes on her, he was immediately enraptured. Everything from her wavy long hair to her deep, endless eyes to her perfect, sculpted figure. 
And her voice. 
Her voice was the most beautiful, enchanting, mesmerizing voice he had ever heard. 
Drawn in, he slowly approached her out in the water. 
When he arrived, she stopped her singing and looked towards him. "Hello. Who are you?" She asked with a grin.
"I.. I'm Jacob." He stuttered out. "I'm sorry if I interrupted your singing. It was just so beautiful so I.." He stopped himself before he started to ramble. 
"Hello Jacob. I am the goddess of the Ivory Moon." The woman, sorry, goddess proclaimed. "Though I suppose I can just be called Ivory by you. And don't fret about interrupting my song. I had actually just finished." 
Jacob was at a loss for words. He had just met a goddess. In the flesh. But something didn't make any sense to him. 
"Why are you here?" He asked, clearly confused. 
"Every month I must come here to strengthen the power of the moon." Ivory explained. "If I do not, it will go black until the next cycle. However, now that my ceremony is over, I must go." 
And with that, the goddess floated into the air and towards the moon, leaving a lonesome traveler in the middle of the lake. 
Or, I should say former lonesome traveler. 
Because he wasn't traveling anymore, and he certainly wasn't lonesome. 
Jacob had set his official camp site at the banks of the lake, so that he could see the goddess every single month. 
And that's just what he did. Every single month he would ask the the goddess many questions, and just talk to her about anything. He wasn't even sure that a goddess could laugh until he heard her do it. 
And then, the unthinkable happened. 
"Come with me." The goddess said. 
"Wha.. What?" Jacob said startled. "B-but I'm a mere mortal. The other gods and goddesses would never approve of me going with you."
"What other gods?" Ivory asked innocently. "There is no other God." 
"Then.. Then you're the goddess of everything." He managed to get out. "Then why did you come here?" 
"Because I wanted to meet you. I wanted to bring you to be what you're meant to be." Ivory said, grabbing Jacob by the hand. "You deserve to be a god along side me." 
Gulping the frog in his throat, he slowly nodded, and began to feel weightless. 
He was rising slowly off the ground, his hand still locked with Ivory. He and Ivory drifted off together, into the stars and the cosmos they ruled. 
To the moon, which they happily called their home. 
The end.

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