The Transfer

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Jacob runs into a new student at the school, surrounded.

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



As Jacob walked out into the hall, he would've never expected his day would take the path that it did. 

Down the hall, he saw a girl he hadn't ever met before, which was strange, because they were in such a small school. 

But what was worse, was that she was surrounded by the three worst kids in the school. History of violence, always thought they were better than everyone else. 

Jacob saw her face as he walked by. It seemed calm, or was she just scared of the men around her?

Knowing he should do something, he pulled one of his friends aside and pointed to the girl. "Who's she? I've never even seen her before." He asked. 

"Oh, that's Ivory Dozier. It's her first day here, she just transferred here from out of state." The person explained. 

That would explain why he hadn't met her before. So before he could tell himself to not get involved, he shouted out into the hall, "Hey, Ivory! Hurry up, we're gonna be late!"

All four heads turned towards him, and Ivory, seizing the opportunity, yelled back, "Coming!" and ran over to him. 

Once they were together, Ivory mumbled under her breath so that only he could hear, "I could've dealt with that myself." 

"I'm not saying you couldn't." Jacob shrugged, "But it's always better to not have to do it alone." 

Ivory didn't answer this, and just decided to look up and away, leaving Jacob to just chuckle awkwardly to himself. 

However, not a moment later, Jacob's shoulder was seized and he was pushed against the lockers. 

The three guys that had surrounded Ivory before we're now around him, but with a much different reason. 

"What's the big idea? Huh kid?" The largest one said, eyes glaring Jacob down. His arm was keeping Jacob pinned to the locker, his other hand balled into a fist. 

"I.. I was just saying that we needed to get going. Cla.. Class starts soon." Jacob eventually stammered out, causing the three men around him to chuckle. 

"Well, I think we need to teach you not to interrupt when people like us are having a conversation." The man said, and he reeled his fist back. 

But before he could swing, his arm was seized behind him. Behind them all, was Ivory, who quickly kicked at the back the man's legs, forcing him to the ground. "Get lost." She whispered. 

"You're.. You're gonna break my arm!" The man cried out. This made Ivory move the arm even more, causing him to whimper. 

"I said, get lost." She said again, and she picked him back up onto his feet and pushed him away down the hall, his two friends following in suit. Her eyes then fixed on Jacob, who she offered a hand to. 

"You weren't kidding when you said that you could've dealt with that." Jacob chuckled as she helped him off the ground. 

"Come on." Ivory said, beginning to walk down the hall, his hand still in hers. "We're gonna be late." 

Turns out, the two of them did have next class together, despite it just being a cover for getting her out of there. She took the empty seat next to him and set out her things. 

However, the entire class was group work, so since Ivory didn't have any partners, Jacob happily agreed to it. 

They spent about 5 minutes on the assignment, until they finished, and had the rest of the class to just talk. Jacob did the best he could to learn everything he could about her, and to try and tell her about himself as well. 

As class was nearing its end, Jacob tried to swallow the frog in his throat and ask. 

"Hey, Ivory. After school, would.. Would you want to.. Come over to my house?" He stammered out. "We could hang out and talk more there." 

"That sounds wonderful." Ivory smiled, and made Jacob's heart do backflips. He had never in his wildest dreams seen a smile quite so beautiful, so captivating. 

"Ok!" Jacob shouted in a volume a little too loud for the environment they were in. "Meet me right outside of the school." Ivory chuckled, and with that, the bell rang. 

Jacob waited patiently for Ivory to leave the school. He couldn't stop thinking about her. All day, he could barely focus on any of his classes, especially the ones that she was in. 

She was so smart. Whenever any of the teachers and any questions for the class, she would always be the first one to raise her hand. 

And her long hair was so beautiful, and her eyes.. 

As he was daydreaming, he was startled back into reality with a tap on his shoulder. "Well? Are we going or not? Or are you trying to tell me you live at the school?" Ivory joked behind him. 

"Oh, I'm sorry, come on!" Jacob said, and he lead them all the way to his house, talking about whatever came to mind. 

When they got there, they couldn't stop talking to each other. They didn't do anything else but. And it made Jacob so happy. But he wasn't sure if Ivory was ok with not doing anything, so by the time she had to leave, he had gotten worried. 

"Thank you so much for coming over today, Ivory." Jacob grinned. "And I'm so sorry that we didn't do anything today. I'm sure you were bo-" 

But before he could finish his sentence, he was caught off guard by a quick kiss on his lips. "It was fun. Can we please do this again sometime?" Ivory asked with a smile, while Jacob stood there stunned. 

"Yeah, of course." Jacob said, still not able to get over what happened. 

Ivory chuckled and ran over to her parents car. "Oh, and thank you so much for this morning. I've never had people stand up for me like that before." And with that, she got into the car and drove off. 

And as he watched her go, Jacob knew that they weren't going to stop this any time soon. 

The end.

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