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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Fem-Fan-Sci-Fi

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed in the morning.

Fuck! My head hurts. I knew I shouldn’t of went to that damn party last night. Now I’ve got one hell of a hangover. What time is it? Fuck! It’s almost nine o’clock! I’m gonna be fuckin’ late for work!

Now if I can only muster up the strength to crawl out of this bed. This soft, comfortable, cozy, warm bed. If only.

Okay, man. Get your shit together. Shake it off and get your ass outta bed right God damn now!!

So just take that first step. Flip back the sheets. Then just sit up and put one foot on the floor. That’s all you’ve got to do, asshole. One foot at a time. Just one foot.

Okay, the sheets has been flipped back. I’m sitting up. Now just put your left foot down on the floor followed by the right. Do it now!

Left foot down. Now the right. Okay. Wait! Where’s my right foot?

What the Fuck??!!

What the fuck happened to my right foot? I mean my right foot is gone!!

Well, not exactly gone. I mean the bones are there. The bones??!!

My right foot is just bones. The flesh is gone. I mean it’s FUCKIN’ GONE!!!

It’s like the flesh has just melted off. What the fuck??!!

Wait! I must be still asleep. Yeah, that’s it. I’m still asleep and dreamin’.

I’m having one of those, what do ya call ‘em? Oh yeah, a lucid dream. Yeah, that’s what’s happening. I’m having a lucid dream. God damn it, I knew I shouldn’t have taken that tab of acid from that girl at the party. But God damn she was hot.

But what the hell. I fucked up. I mean I tripped out and she ended up fuckin’ someone else. Or did she? Maybe I did end up fucking her? I can’t remember. So now here I am. Still asleep, dreaming that my right foot has been skeletonized. Fuck!

Okay, man. Time to wake up! C’mon man, wake up! WAKE THE FUCK UP, DUDE!!!

Okay, it’s not funny now, man! Is there a God of sleep? And I’m not talking about the Sandman. Cause if I could remember who the fuck the God of sleep is (if there even is one) I’d pray like Hell to him (or her) to wake me the fuck up!!

But here I am. Sitting up in bed looking at my right foot. Or what’s left of it.

Let me think. Did I have some kind of accident? Did I somehow injure my foot? Did I accidentally drop some honest to God real acid on my foot? Or did somebody throw some acid on my foot? If I find out that someone did drop acid on my foot, then those motherfuckers are as good as dead when I find out who they are. GOOD AS DEAD!! I tell ya!

Funny thing, this must be a dream cause my foot doesn’t even hurt. I mean wouldn’t you think that if the flesh melted off your foot it would hurt? You’d think, right? But no. No pain.

But what if I’m not dreaming? Then how the hell did this happen? Maybe when I was trippin out on acid I accidentally put my foot into a tank of piranhas? No, I don’t remember anyone having a tank full of piranhas at that party. Then again I was pretty fuckin’ stoned out! Not that I can fuckin’ remember either way.

Did I get attacked by a Zombie or somethin’?

Okay, quit thinkin’ such stupid ass thoughts. Zombies don’t exist. What if there were some cannibals at that party last night? Some wanna be Hannibal Lechters? No, that’s just fuckin’ idiotic.

Okay, just keep calm and think this through. See if I can put my weight on my bony foot. Easy. Easy. There. Feels okay. I’ll try to stand up. There I did it. I’m standing up and my bony foot is supporting its share of my weight.

I’ll try walking. And I do. I walk to the bathroom. No problem. Except I have a bony right foot. I take a piss then head back to the bedroom to get dressed, but as I slip off my underwear, the remaining flesh on my right leg suddenly drops off in chunks.

OH FUCK ME!!!! What is happening?! Maybe I’ve caught some kind of flesh eating disease or something’. Maybe I did end up fucking that girl who gave me that acid and I caught some kind of weird disease from her. Come to think of it, she was kinda on the skinny side and I didn’t look at her feet. In hindsight maybe I should have.

God damn skinny bitch. But she was hot. Anyway, now I’ve left a trail of flesh from the bathroom into my bedroom. Jesus Fuckin’ Christ!!!

I’d better call 911. I reach for the phone only to see the flesh begin to melt off my hand!! GOD DAMMITT!! WHAT THE FUCK??!!

I begin to panic. I’m sure you can understand, can’t you? Wouldn’t you, if your flesh was just mysteriously melting off your body?

Okay, keep cool. Yeah, fuckin’ right. Keep cool. I scream and head out of the bedroom and into the living room and for the door. Where I’m going I don’t have a clue, but it’s pointless anyway because before I even reach the door all the rest of my bodily flesh drips off in big fleshy globs.

Now I am standing completely naked in the living room. Well, not exactly naked. I mean you can’t see any exposed flesh cause its now all over the floor. But I’m still standing. I mean, I’ve lost all of my skin, which includes my muscles, so how can I still be standing?

There are no mirrors in the living room, so I reluctantly go back into the bathroom. I look into the mirror. Yep, you guessed it. A skeleton stares back at me. My skeleton. But how can I still see? I mean, I don’t have any eyes. My eyes have melted off. Just empty sockets of bones.

I don’t know what to do. Take myself to the hospital? Yeah, I can see that happening. I’m sure all the emergency room doctors and nurses will jump to help a skeleton that’s just walked in. They’d freak the hell out. Can’t blame them though, I would too.

Do I go to the Police? They’d freak out to and probably shoot me. I mean, Hell they shoot flesh covered people on a whim all the time, so of course they would take shots at me. But I don’t think they could kill me, could they? I mean, there’s no flesh to be wounded. I’d think the bullets would just breeze on through. That would be kinda cool now that I think about it.

Maybe I’ll just go outside and flag down a cop. See how they react. Guaranteed to be on the five’ o’clock news, huh?

But wait! What the hell am I thinking? I’m a fuckin’ skeleton. I can’t stay this way. I’ve got to go get help. But where and from whom? I need time to think this through. I’ve gotta get out of here. I always think better when I drive.

So I snatch the car keys up in my bony fingers and start to go out then immediately stop. I can’t be seen in my sleletonized state. I’d really freak the fuck out of anyone who saw me, then for sure they’d call the cops then for certain I’d be arrested and put in jail. I don’t know what the charges would be. Is it against the law to walk around as a real skeleton? I bet if its not, then it will be once the cops spot me.

So I went back into my bedroom to grab some clothes. I jump into some jogging pants to cover up my bony legs, slip on some running shoes to cover my bony feet, and put on a jogging jacket with a hoodie to cover the rest of my bony body. I also take a wrap around scarf to help cover up my face and sunglasses to help hide my eyeless sockets.

So I leave my apartment and head down to the parking lot to my car. It’s a nice, sunny day. Not too hot. Not too cool. At least I guess it is. I can’t really say since I have no feelings having lost all my skin and such.

I unlock the car door and hop in and start the car. I shift into gear and wrap my skeleton fingers delicately around the steering wheel and step on the accelerator with my skeleton foot.

So I drive off. Where too, I haven’t the slightest idea. But I drive and think. I think and drive. Before I realize it, I’m out of town and far out in the desert. I’m thinking I should turn back then realize what for. There’s nothing back there for me now. I mean, I can’t show up for work looking like this. I’d freak out all of my co-workers and for that I’d get fired. They have to maintain a calm and secure work environment you know? It’d be fair to guess that no one would want to work side by side with a skeleton.

So I keep driving and driving. I turn off the main road and take an old, dusty back road which leads somewhere further out into the desert. I don’t know where I’m going and at this point I don’t care.

I still haven’t waken up, as hard as I’ve tried, so I’m now convinced this is not a dream. That for whatever reason its all fuckin real and I’m really a God damn skeleton. So where do skeletons go? Where do they hang out?

In all the movies I’ve ever seen about the desert, there is always a human skeleton shown depicting some poor dude who got lost in the desert and died of thirst or something, then all the creatures of the desert came along and had a hardy meal of fresh flesh.

Of course I can’t even provide a meal since I come fleshless in the first place. So anyways, I drive and drive until I run out of gas. I abandoned my car and start walking further out into the desert. I know not what to do or where to go. I’m just walking. A walking skeleton.

I kinda hope I run across some hikers, or better yet come upon some occultists trying to raise the dead or something. That would really freak the fuck out of them. As they’re chanting their “raise the dead” voodoo shit, I come walking up and say, “You called?”

Now that would be freakin’ awesome!!! I’d laugh my bony ass right off!

Anyways, I keep trudging along until I get to a sign that says I’m now entering some kind of sacred Indian burial ground. Perfect. Maybe I can dig myself a grave and bury myself. Even though I’m not an Indian. But Hell who would know. I mean all those Indians buried are all dead, aren’t they?

Well, I walk on. Soon I’m there. I find a lot of stones piled up in different geometric shapes. A few sticks with dried animal skins stretched across. I look around for awhile then decide to go over to the edge of the burial site and think about where I can bury myself when I suddenly hear a voice from behind. A female voice.


I turn around and almost freak out myself. For standing behind me is another skeleton. But this one is slightly smaller than me, more shapely (if a skeleton can be described as shapely), and had long, stringy, blonde hair precariously hanging from its skull. Now I’m no expert on skeletons (having only become one myself so recently) but I did know this was the skeleton of a female.

“Uh, Hi.”


“Thank you.”

“Well, come with me,” she said, motioning with her bony left hand for me to follow.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To others like you and me.”


“Duh, yeah.” Her sarcasm coming through clearly.

“Why am I like this? What the fuck is happening?”

She shrugged her bony shoulders.

“Hell if I know. But there are others like us. We live a bit further out in the desert. In a nearby cave. So come along with me. I think you’ll fit right in.”

So she led the way. What the Hell else could I do?

So that’s about it. Guess I’m starting a new life as a skeleton. Who knows why this happened? Maybe it’s some kind of mysterious virus. Maybe it’s something in our food or drink. Maybe it’s global warming. Maybe it was that tab of acid I took last night at that party. And just maybe we’re the next step in evolution. Who the fuck knows?

But I do know one thing. Maybe I can adapt and get use to this new “life” of being a skeleton after all.

Cause as I watch my skeletonized female guide walk ahead of me and shake that tiny, tight bony ass of hers, I realize my guide is kinda cute. Even if she’s a bit on the skinny side.


Submitted: July 23, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Jules Tapper. All rights reserved.

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Victoria Quinn

Loved it, Jules!! Especially your cynical, paranoid character and how he's trying to logically figure out what the hell is happening to him while he's basically dripping away! Liked how you didn't really explain why he's becoming a skeleton and just presented some crazy ideas. (Especially loved the Piranhas at the party theory). Then, oh how sweet, he finds love at the end with the "skinny" babe. The last line was totally hilarious. Pretty freaky story with "globs" of humor within.

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 5:11am


Thanks, Vick! You're my muse!!

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 10:16pm

Whiskey Charlie

Oh, wow. That was, ..., um, ..., different. Just be sure you don't wind up in "Victoria's Closet" like Gina. My story by that name is based on the same muse as yours. I've put it on my featured list so you can find it easily enough. Best wishes, W.C.

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 8:26pm


Hey, thanks man! I asked Vicky about you and she said you were
a pretty cool guy, so I'll check out your story.

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 7:49pm


Haha, that was awesome bro! Victoria is in good company ") Even though you had me laughing most of the time with this unusual, but totally compelling tale, I was also grossed out by your descriptions of his flesh dropping off in globs. Great choice of words btw. I have had the same problem getting up in the morning and usually dream I am getting up, only to find my sorry ass still in bed. That, of course, is on a weekend, as during the working week I realise that I have no choice :/ Society demands that I put myself on auto pilot and follow all the other drones to the bee hive lol. I liked how he rationalised everything along the way and went with the flow. The cops would shot at him for being a skeleton and his workmates wouldn't appreciate him causing a scene and upsetting the hive lol So off he went on a road to nowhere and found a "Hot" skeleton (with curves) to make his day. What a bodacious ending indeed! Bravo my new friend. A perfect blend of the weird and wonderful, and comedy. Well written too! I think I only tripped up once lol. More please!!

Fri, August 7th, 2015 2:37am


Thanks, man! Yeah, I added some humor because the whole concept was pretty ridiculous in the first place! Yeah, getting out of bed is a challenge for me too, not only for work but especially after a party which I put some of my experiences in that area in this story. Again thanks, I appreciate it!

Fri, August 7th, 2015 1:07pm

Amanda Stein

Like the others, I loved his cynicism and dark humor. Most of the time I prefer stories that carry some scientific explanation as to why things are the way they are but I agree with others the "no explanation" works well within this story. After all, he could still be in some weird dream, couldn't he? Very enjoyable story.

Thu, March 10th, 2016 8:23am


Yeah, he could still be dreaming or hallucinating from something he took at the party! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thu, March 24th, 2016 1:42am

Oleg Roschin

Original and darkly humorous! I really like the main character's monologue and his theories concerning his predicament... and the last line, indeed, is just brilliant. Hope to read more of your work in the future!

Sat, March 26th, 2016 5:41am

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