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Welcome to the Price house. Were alot of funny and some things weird stuff happin in this really funny family.

Submitted: January 08, 2009

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Submitted: January 08, 2009



Welcome to the Price household. In this house there are 5 family members, Judy (Mum), Bob (Dad) & the children, Billy, Tincan & Olive.

This is an ordinary day at the Price house. The two sons fighting for the tv remote. Olive in her room having tea-partys with friends. Dad reading the daily newspaper and Mum hanging out the washing.

Olive came downstairs and she wanted to watch tv. But then she noticed the two boys fighting over the remote. She knew she had to do something. So she went in the living room and was so strong she just grabbed the remote out of the boys hands. The boys looked in shock on how strong she was. Then Tincan said to Olive " You'll never be a model" Olive got cranky cause she always wanted to be a model. "And you'll never be a ballet dancer" Tincan blushed cause he did want to be a ballet dancer. Billy laughed so hard, until he was choking and coughing.

Tincan made a angry look at Olive. "I looked in your special draw and saw all the ballet pictures with cut out pictures of you glued on the ballet dancers face!" Tincan blushed again. Billy was just laughing hes head off so much this time!

Then Mum came in and said "Are you all ok in here?" "Oh yes we are Mum, only those two were fighting over the remote and tincan said i would never be a model" said Olive."You two stop it!" and she went back to the kitchen.

Then at that moment the doorbell rung. We opened the door. It was Grandma Jenny! "Give your granny a big sloppy kiss" They didn't really like her because of her big kisses. Most of all she gives us fruit with a kiss on it to make it more healthy she says. They walked away before their granny kissed them. They needed a plan to keep her from giving them the fruit. Olive said "Why don't we switch the friut for chocolate?" This would be easy because their grandma was blind.

Tincan & Billy got the chocolates. They made up a plan. Tincan crawled into the kitchen. Without been seen by Mum. Grandma's bag was under the table. He put the chocolates in the bag got the fruit and crawled upstairs. Tincan through the fruit out the window.

Their grandma called them down to the kitchen. "I've got a surprise for you all" She gave us the chocolates. We went upstairs and ate them all up. They were so good!

Grandma said goodbye from downstairs and we all said thank you!

"These are the best chocolates i've ever had!" said all of them at the same time.

The End

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