The Tennis Match That Could Change The World: Chapter 2

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The last chapter of the Tennis Match That Could Change The World!

Submitted: January 06, 2009

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Submitted: January 06, 2009



The game has started and Mike is serving. He servesto thealien andthey get into a rally and Mike wins the rally.

Mike won the first game. The game keeps going on.

While they are playing tennis the king in his UFO was secretly saying to his crew "We are going to secretly attack the world while they are playing" the main alien said "Great plan king!" The main alien said to his crew " Get us up in the air and attack with the invisible rays!"

While it was a break from playingMike noticed that the UFO had gone and he was really worried that if we win they will still attack us! He walked to the phone on the entry to the court and rung up the manager and said " I've just noticed the UFO is not on the roof!" the manager said "Oh yeah ill call the nearby army base and call them to come here to investigate and capture the alien!"

The army came and captured the alien but the alien broke free and attacked everyone in the stadium with his laser eyes and he said "come on just play!"

They started playing again. Mike was so worried he felt like running away but he knew he had to do it!

Mike had won the first set but the alien said "lets do three sets" Then Mike was more worried because he did not know if he could be better than the alien. He was right the alien played so well, Mike got so tired!

Then it was match point for the alien. Mike knew he was going to lose! But then Mike said he wanted a break for a sec, the alien was angry he just wanted to win now! Mike went to theGeneral of the army and said "capture him now! cause hes going to win!" "ok sir" said the General.

The army grabbed him and captured him. Then the general said to his troops to forward out into fighter planes to shoot the UFO before they caused the world damage!

They went out, luckily their UFO was slow and the planes circled the UFO and the UFO shot fire and shot down one plane. Then the General said to the pilots "Shoot at the same time NOW!!" They shot and they blew up the UFO. The planes landed and everyone cheered for the pilots and Mike of course everything was back to normal.

What happined to the other alien, its inthe zoo.

The End

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