El Espiritu (The Ghost)

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The ghost that fooled me.

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



El Espiritu (The Ghost)

I was sitting down on my recliner, just thinking, head down and pensive, lost in my inner

or outer world; I can't say which one. What's wrong? I heard this voice; I looked up and saw

this strange figure, floating in the air in front of me.I asked, who are you? The figure said;

I am El Espiritu. The Spirit? You mean, my spirit?. No, not your spirit, your spirit still in you.

I am everybody's spirit; so tell me, why do you look so lost and confuse?. El Espiritu, asked me.

Well, Mr. Espiritu, I have no love, I can't find love, seems, that love vanishes, disappear from my life.

El Espiritu asked me, did you look into your shoes?. My shoes? What kind of ghost are you? Anyway!

The ghost of all shoes? No, responded, the ghost. I am of the universe, and if I say to you, to look

into your shoes, you should do it. Espiritu, why, why to look for love in my shoes? I don't get it.

People look for love in other's people heart, not their shoes; I said to this ghost. For a good question,

there's always a good answer; said the Spirit. Ok, Espiritu, I'm waiting for that good answer of yours.

Why the hell I have to look for love in my damn shoes? Tell me, Espiritu.

The ghost said; your life stink, just like those dirty old shoes; you, stinky, mother trucker.

After I heard these words, from the ghost, I got scared. And I ran out of some more words to keep

writing. That's all. Good bye.

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2012

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