George Met John

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A brief story on how The Beatles got together, or so I say.

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



?Ok, John and Paul were already playing together, John was looking for a first or lead guitarist. One day John and the rest were playing for a high school party, amongst the student, a young face little curious guy was watching the band, wishing he was one of them. A break, the guys in need of rest, John noticed his guitar was out of tune, so he called Paul, Paul and John faced each other with their guitars to tune each guitars by sound. George approached the two fellas and asked, hey guys, I would like to be a member of this band, John looked at George and said, no, you're too young to be on my band. John told Paul, Paul pluck the E string so I can tune mine, then pluck the G string so I can make it even in tune. Young George interrupted, he said to John, let me have your guitar, George started to tune John's guitar by ear. John exploded, What? you can tune my guitar by ear? Yes, said George, then why the hell you're not in my band? George reply, because the leader of this band said I'm too young to play with them. John exploded again, Who the hell is the leader? Tell me and I put him on his place. Paul said, John you're the leader. John picked up a piece of mirror from the floor, looked himself at the mirror and said, you bloody bastard. Then, they were four, the fab four...indeed.

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