I have to laugh, crying not helping either

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boo yourself.

Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



My checking account went down to zero, so I laughed

And I solved that problem

Did any Saviour from Heaven came to my rescue? No!

I did it myself and I laughed some more, to hell with the rest

So, those who wait for miracles, are they right? Wrong?

Beats me, I cannot say and I can't fix other people problem

I can't even give advice to no one

Oh, I need a gun to solve my misery, bullshit one thousand

To say my truth, I can't do math, but I can have a bath

You know? Taking a shower is like taking a stool-softer

Water will washed my headache away, so take a damn shower, pig

Yes, I'm the pig one, not you, you can do better, take it for granted

Even if you don't want to, but take it, break it if you want to and give a damn

Sometimes is all I, myself need to do, to give a big damn

Like, damn to all politicians and their advisors

Look behind me, everything is but hairy and fallacious, Amen.

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