L.S.D. 3.2 Million Years Ago

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This is a true Paleontoligist story, turned into
fiction. The real names has been changed
to avoid, being sued...Ho, HO, HO...Happy Christmas!

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



The year 1974, a hubilous year for paleontologist, Dr. Donald Mc Donald, and Tim Green, his collaborator and student. Mc Donald, just discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia, an early human ancestor. The oldest remains ever found untill now, 3.2 million years old fossil. The first, Australopithecus Afarensis skeleton, ever found. This was, the century's discovery, the greatest one, for paleontologists and anthropologist as well.Yes, this was, their pot of gold, the black oil gold for these scientists.

Dr. Mc Donald, and his student, Tim Green, were jumping, and hopping, like happy, Bugs Bunny...mmm...what's up, Doc! Then, others near-by scientists joined them, all these men, were having a science orgasm. Dr. Mc Donald, and his colleagues, they had a celebratory party. They all thought, this planet was too small for them, after such discovery. They drank, and drank, (alcohol) of course, as they never done so before. (Remember) these are respectables scientists; respectables scientists, never got drunk, or so they say. While the drinking and celebration was going on, music was played on a cassette recorder, (this was the 70s...no digital technology yet, ok?).  The Beatles song, " Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", was played over and over, all night long. Finally, all these men, got tired, so it was time to get some sleep. Next morning; eureka, eureka, I got it, I got it; Dr. Mc Donald, was screaming. All his colleagues at the camp site, woke-up after the commotion, they were still, kind of sleepy, with a big hang-over. Dr. Mc Donald, kept yelling, I got it, I got it.

The student, Tim Green, asked him; you got what, Dr. Mc Donald? Dr. replied, I got the name for this skeleton, my friend; I'll call her, Lucy.  Lucy? Why Lucy? Dr. Mc Donald, Tim Green, asked. Why? Because, I still have that damn song, playing in my head; said, Dr. Mc Donald. Tim Green, said, Dr. Mc Donald, I think, you're still drunk as hell. Drunk? Me? Drunk, my ass, you are, a bad imitation of a "Neanderthal Man"; Dr. Mc Donald, said to Tim Green. Ok, Ok! Dr. Mc Donald, no need to call names, just because, I'm still a student. Another Mc Donald's colleague, asks; Doc, how do you know that Lucy, I mean this fossil, is a female, and not a male? Dr. Mc Donald's face, turned bright red. Take a good look, Lucy's pelvic size is bigger, that's makes her a female. Dear colleague, can't you tell the difference between a female and a male fossil, by their bones? Where did you get your, Phd? At your local penitentiary? Don't you ever dare to contradict my observations, my colleague. Well, sorry, Mr. know it all. It wasn't my intention to compare you with a 'Cromagnon Man'; Doctor, Mr. Phd; this colleague was furious. Ok, let's forget all this crap, let's get to work, we still have a lot to do, about Lucy; said, Mc Donald.

Now comes the study of this fossil, they want to find out, how she looked, when she was a living creature. Radio carbon, revealed, that her bones are, 3.2 million years old. She had, ape and human characteristics; long arms, feet and leg bones to make her able to walk-up-right. She was, 3 1/2 feet tall, also had, very human-like, teeth. Dr. Mc Donald, couldn't hide his excitment, Lucy, was his, new-born-child. This specie survived, for more than, 900,000k years, that's 4 times as our own kind has been around. Dr. Mc Donald, was exhausted, so, he went to bed, thinking about, Lucy; his baby, as he calls her. That night, Mc Donald, had a dream, Lucy, was dancing and singing, The Beatles song; "Every body's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey". Dr. Mc Donald, woke-up, he jumped out of his bed. Damn!...This is crazy, completly insane; Lucy, is turning into an obsession, Mc Donald, said to himself. He couldn't sleep anymore, all he has in his mind, was this fossil, called by him, Lucy. Why did I have that silly dream?....Hmmm!

Perhaps, Lucy is sending me a message, yes; a message from a fossil? Damn! What Am I saying. I'm a well known and respectable, paleontologist, so composed yourself, Dr. Mc donald; or faced the inquisition, from the scientific world. I'll be no more, Dr. Mc Donald, but the clown, the joker, from paleontologist. I can't let that happen to me; for Christ sake. Exhaustion got Dr. Mc Donald, once again. He fell, into a deep, deep, sleep, he was sleeping, even better than a baby. Next morning, at the camp site, Dr. Mc Donald's colleagues, noticed something strange. There he was, Mc Donald, playing with 3, little kids; they decided to get closer, and see, who these kids were. They got closer, but, they couldn't believe their eyes, Dr. Mc Donald, was acompany, with 3, ape-human-like, creatures; creatures, like once lived on Earth, 3.2 million years ago. Dr. Mc Donald, saw his colleagues, good morning, gentlemen, good morning; what a beautiful day, to play with my family, said, Dr. Mc Donald. His family? Tim Green, asked.

Come, come closer, my dear friends and colleagues; none of his co-scientists, said a single word. Come, and meet my wife, Lucy, and my dear daughter, "Lady Madonna", and this little fellow here, is my son, "Hey Jude".

No one know, no one knew.

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

© Copyright 2019 Juli Monat. All rights reserved.

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