Mr. Conrad

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This is a short sci-fi adventure; human being
against beasts.

Submitted: September 08, 2013

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Submitted: September 08, 2013



Another beautiful day in, Clearwater, Florida. Sunhine, the sea breeze, and deep blue sky. Meet, Mr. Conrad, typical Floridian, he has a house close to the beach: 55, and plenty of time to enjoy his life at the beach, and working on his garden. Mr. Conrad, couldn't ask for more, good health, a peaceful life, and at night, sleeping to the sounds of waves. Like every morning, Mr. Conrad, was preparing himself for his daily walk. he stepped out of his house, did some warming-up, took a good deep breath, feeling that salty air filling his lungs. Yes, I'm ready for this; Mr. Conrad, started walking toward the beach, is August, 8:30 am, already temperature is, 77 degrees; the water from the Gulf of Mexico, perfect for a swim. But, Mr. Conrad, walked straight to the near board-walk. He likes to go there, for fishing and relaxing, just to live that moment of being part from all the beauty around him. Two playful wild dolphins showed up, happy creatures, they are, Mr. Conrad, was having an instant moment of enjoyment. He turned around and walk back to the beach. He noticed this woman and a little girl, about 8 to 10, years young; both were playing, having a good time on the water. Mr. Conrad, kept walking down the board, minding his own thoughts; shark, shark, he heard the scary scream. My daughter, someone help me, please. Mr. Conrad, looked again, this cry for help, was coming from the woman and the girl, he noticed before. Mr. Conrad, saw this shark swimming in circle, around the woman and her child. He didn't think it twice. From the board-walk, he jumped into the water, swimming at fast as he could. Both, woman and child, were screaming and crying for help, this was a scary situation for the three of them. Mr. Conrad, thought for a moment, this must be a nightmare; what would I do, once I reached them?...Mr. Conrad, asked!

How can I fight against, damn shark? This animal, looks pretty big; sharky already spotted its target, the shark, fixed its eyes on the little girl. Mr. Conrad, wasted no time, his instict, to save the lives of this woman and her child. Then, Mr. Conrad, was facing this big fish...damn!...bigger than I thought, he said. Mr. Conrad, was scared as hell; he was, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, the shark, was about 10 feet long. The shark stopped circling, but, still swimming, trying somehow, to reach the girl; grab your child, grab your child; Mr. Conrad yelled to the woman. When the shark passed to charge, Mr. Conrad jumped over this big'o fish, and got a momentarily hold of the shark. Instantly, Mr. Conrad, was shaken-up by the force of this enormous animal, he had to let it go. Mr. Conrad knew, that fighting this shark with his bare hands, would be a futile action, impossible, must say. But, he was determined, it's us, or this shark; Mr. Conrad went for another try, the shark's skin was too slippery to get a good grip and keep it hold it. Meanwhile, during all this predicament, all this fighting for their lives, without knowing it, they were getting closer to the beach shore. Now, they found themselves, in a 3 feet, water deep; ok, sharky, you asked for it, this is a do, or die combat situation. Mr. Conrad saw, another oportunity, again, he jumped over sharky, and this time, he got a good grab around with his arms, around the shark. Sharky, started retorting its body from side to side; zig-zag-like. Mr. Conrad, didn't let go this time; the woman and her daughter, ran away to safety, on the shore.

Mr. Conrad was still fighting-off against this shark, and now, the fight was for his life; good Lord, give me the strength I need...yes, he was praying for his life, Mr. Conrad didn't have any intention to be eaten by this big fish. Now, sharky and Mr. Conrad, were about 2 feet deep. Finally, he found the support he needed; he bent his left leg, his knee touching solid ground, forcing his body straight-up, Mr. Conrad now, was standing-up, holding sharky with both arms. He was able to lift this heavy fish, out from the water; Mr. Conrad walked, about 20 feet to the shore, holding sharky, a bear-hug-like. He felt, that he was far enough from the water, so he let loose the shark on the sand. The woman and her daughter, got closed to Mr. Conrad; Mr. are you alright?...Mr. Conrad, exhausted as he was, looked at sharky, and said; sorry buddy, better you than them; and he passed out. At the beach, there were other people, and they got the whole thing on film. When Mr. Conrad, woke-up, he was at the hospital, around him, nurses and doctors, and of course, the woman and her daughter...Am I still, alive? Mr. Conrad, asked. Yes, you are much alive, Mr. Conrad, said one of the doctors; also, a very famous person, Mr. Conrad...Famous? Me? How come?

Mr. Conrad, what you did at the beach for this woman and her daughter, was filmed by other people that saw the whole thing; now, you are all over the world; Mr. Conrad, you risk your life, to saved this woman and child lives, you're everybody's hero...Indeed! Mr. Conrad didn't know, he was everywhere; the film, was in every TV news, on the internet, photos on every news paper; his face was, on "The Cover of The Rolling Stones", magazine. From obscurity, he came out to a brighter light; Mr. Conrad was, a real celebrity. Reporters from all over the world, people from every corner, were outside the hospital, waiting for his released. The reporters, looking for an interview, people wanting an autograph from this man, a hero. Some, were even talking about a book, and a movie contract. But, Mr. Conrad, all he wanted, was to go home...One year later! Well, another beautiful day, in sunshine, Clearwater, FL; Mr. Conrad, went for his morning walk, at the beach.  He was glad, no TV cameras, no reporters, or people asking for his autograph. I'm happy, at last, I have my normal life back. Hmmm...time to do some work on my garden, that will keep me busy, and in touch with my plants and flowers. Ok, my little ones, this water will keep you all, fresh and green...ouch! What this? Oh! I see, a little, ant; geez, little fellow, you have a nasty bite, for a small bug. Couples minutes later, Mr. Conrad, wasn't feeling good at all; his breathing, getting hard and heavy, his heart, was beating faster than normal. What is it, now?...Suddenly; Mr. Conrad was dead. He was allergic to all kind of bites, coming from little critters.

Oh! Poor Mr. Conrad, such a big tragedy, for such a big hero. The little tiny, fire ant...Said!

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

© Copyright 2019 Juli Monat. All rights reserved.

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