Omelet In A Fruitcocktail Jar, Chap 2

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Well what can I say.

Submitted: March 31, 2017

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Submitted: March 31, 2017



Ty is working on her garden. Is March, not too hot, not to cold. Just nice and cool.

Lorne was supposed to be in her house by now. Where's that dumbass? She asked.

?Lorne is a good for nothing. She said. Suddenly, a car stooped in front of her house.

?Is Lorne. You're late, buster. Ty told him.

?Where were you? She asked. I'm so sorry. He said. I have a bad case of diarrhea. Is why took me so long.

Ty invited him inside the house for a cup of coffee.

?Coffee? He asked. His body is cold and hot, sweating from head to toes.

?Hold the coffee. Lorne said. What I need is loperamide hydrochloride.

?Ty was confused. What the hell is that? She asked him.

Is immodium. Lorne told her with a smile. Ty brought him the tablets. Black coffee, no sugar.

Lorne, today is the day. Ty said. Today we will save some lives. She told him.

?Lorne looked at her. Sipped some black coffee.

?Aaah. The psycho in you again talking. Lorne said.

Ty looks serious, but normal or whatever.

?Lorne, how's your diarrhea? Ty asked him.

?It's been cut-off. Said Lorne. Okay. Ty said. Lorne, take a good look at me. She asked him.

?What do see? Ty asked. I see a woman. He said. No, you moron. Ty said.

?Look at my eyes, my nose, my lips my boobs, my butt. Noticed something? Ty asked.

In fact, yes. I noticed those parts of your anatomy not natural but

cosmetic surgery. He told her.

?EXACTLY! Ty screamed. And how I paid for all? She asked him.

?Beats me. Lorne said. How did you do it? He asked her.

I'm a professional scammer. Ty reply.

?You mean, somebody else paying for those bills? He asked.

Lorne, you have to learn. Ty told him. Hell, it is not fair. He said.

Stupid. Ty commented. Stupid? Me? He asked her.

?No, not you. Time. She said. Time is stupid? How come? Lorne asked.

?Well, a year from today I'll be broke again. She told him.

?Ty, your weakness is my weakness. Lorne said.

?Her phone rang. Her legs wide open. Lorne looking crossed-eyes, mouth wet.

Mmmm. Red panties. He said.

Ty stretches her arms. She takes a deep breath, so deep she can smell the marijuana smell from her neighbors.

?She started to feel funny. Ty, Ty, Ty. Lorne called.

We've got to move quickly. He told her.

?No more wet dreams for this guy. Ty said. She was expecting at least for a taste, a taste from that marijuana smell, of course.

Lorne laughed at her. She heard his voice.

Come closer Ty. He said. Come on, don't be shy. Lorne said.

?I'm not shy. I'm high, flying high. Ty told him.

Both were taken under this magic moment, erotic, sensual, absurd.

?Well, that felt so good. He said.

?Yes, that's so true. She told him.

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