Rap Rap...Wap Wap

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A clumsy Rap song.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



Rap Rap Wap Wap


Rap, rap, rap, dance the new

Wap, wap, wap,

If I get you up, you better

Get it down, pow, wow,


Rap is my wap, so clap to

My crap

I can make you rich,

You can’t touch

That, she’s my bitch, my

Season witch,

A crime was committed, so turn

Off that switch


But never mind, you’re careless,

Is your stupid fearless

That Will and Bill will make

You penniless,


Rap, rap, rap, stop you’re noisy

Bozy, cozy muzak,


You got jumping my froggy


Right down at Mosi, what’s peculiar?

Nutty, Rossy


Rap, wap, soft and rough, don’t

Get ripped off


You got that rap, wap, blah,


Scratch damn dash

Rap, rap, wap that wash, yeah.


Copyright 2012

By: Juli Monat









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