Saving My Soul

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Just a simple song. A bilingual song, that is.

Saving My Soul


Oh, let it rock&roll, déjà que

Salga el sol

Yo tomaré el control, I’ve  got

To save my soul


But there is no garden, across

My empty apartment

Yes, there is a

Heaven, para los que

Se mueren,

Come and meet them at zero, 07




Quien bendice mi alma, solo

Quiere ser salva

Líbrame de estas aguas

Mission down

In Managua,

CIA falling down Nicaragua


Oh, let it rock&roll, déjà que

Salga el sol

I seem to lose control, I’ve got

To save my soul.


Copyright © 2008

By:  Juli Monat





Submitted: January 13, 2013

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