Senorita Nurse

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The baby and the storm.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



The day he was born, a stormy storm, hit them bad; so bad, da-da. Senorita Nurse fed-him, popcorn, all day-long. What a day, in San Juan Bay; wind blew, carrying away, boats and crew, over sugar-cane fields, and tree- bamboo; all crying, boo-hoo! Senorita Nurse, Senorita Nurse; diabolical cursed, this storm, got us all, overboard; what did I do wrong? Tell me, Senorita Nurse.

Senorita Nurse, more popcorn; boo-hoo-da-da. I'm just a baby, Senorita Lady; goo-goo, da-da, stormy storm, leave us alone; popcorn, popcorn, please; more popcorn. Senorita Nurse, my lungs are torn and worn.

No mas, no mas; baby we ran out of pocorn, baby, stop bitching about damn popcorn. I'm drinking my rum, there's no sun, only guts strong. Baby, your mother is a 'puta'; your father, 'maricon' and have no rum; baby, drink your milk-frog. Damn! Baby 'Sangron'.

By: Juli Monat

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