This Old Habit of Mine

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Nobody's perfect?

Submitted: January 01, 2016

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Submitted: January 01, 2016



Since I don't remember, no recollection, I cannot say when I started being a non-believer, non-church-goer. Maybe when I turned 18? Maybe, no recalled. Still, I have this habit of saying, 'thank you God I don't believe in you' or do I? I'm so confused. When I find myself in good shape, good health, and nothing torturing me, I'm in disbelieve, when I'm sick, no money, and all alone, I ask, God are you really there?. I don't blame myself, you know? I blame all religious beliefs, all religious thoughts for putting me in such predicament. The other day I played the lotto, I said, God is up to you, I'm putting everything on you, ok? so don't let me down on this, I want all that money. Did I win? nope, did I blame God for not winning? well, is all in this old habit of mine...Hail to all religions.

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