Woman In Green Camouglage

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The island of Puerto Rico, right in the middle of the Caribbean sea is a U.S. territory, the Federal govt has control over 'EL Yunque' a mountain and a rain forest on the east side of the island. Many strange stories coming from this 'rain forest'.

Submitted: January 27, 2016

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Submitted: January 27, 2016



One day that wasn't today, me and some friends went for a day at the rain forest called, 'EL Yunque'. It was a sunny day, strange but no rain, and for us was delighted to have some fun under the sun. We climbed small hills, walked through path of green grass that reached up to our chest. After a long walk we found a small pond and my friends decided to go for a swim, I didn't, water was too cold for me, so I stayed on dry-ground. I was listening music from a tape recorder, this was the 70s after all, the rock band 'Grand Funk' was on, the song playing 'I'm Your Captain'. Looking around my surrounding, high grass, trees, everything was green, everything was in placed with 'Mother Nature', except one tree with a strange form. This tree was green, was part of the forest, it had a human silhouette. I took a look good to make sure, staring, watching, and not believing my eyes, that tree had breast, like women's breast and the body was naked but all green. Wham! the body opened its eyes and was looking at me, straight to my eyes, I panicked. Not knowing what to do, what to think of, what the hell is that? I said to myself. Am I seeing a woman? I was cold, I froze, I wanted to scream, to called my friends attention but I couldn't do nothing, I mean nothing, not a move. This is not happening, this can't be for real, I said, still, my eyes, her eyes, staring at each other. I thought of, must be the forest playing tricks on me, a giant green iguana? What else could it be? Finally, I broke the ice block that was holding me to make any move, I was free to yell to my friends, and I yelled, I screamed, but whatever happened. The green woman, is not there, just trees and grass, no more human figure, no green human body. Well, this is 'EL Yunque', a rain forest, where everything's a mystery, a delusional world, where the U.S.. government has lots off-limits sites, for whatever reasons they have.

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