It's a complicated Life

It's a complicated Life

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My book is about a girl’s who life is very complicated and who has a best friend.Did you know that a play can tear up a whole friendship. If you want to find out more read it and then tell me what I need to improve on and if it was any good.
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My book is about a girl’s who life is very complicated and who has a best friend.Did you know that a play can tear up a whole friendship. If you want to find out more read it and then tell me what I need to improve on and if it was any good.

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My book is about a girl’s who life is very complicated and who has a best friend.Did you know that a play can tear up a whole friendship. If you want to find out more read it and then tell me what I need to improve on and if it was any good.

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It’s a Complicated Life

By: Julia Kovesdi

This book is about a girl and how complicated her life is. She has a best friend, Abby. Did you know that a play and its parts could break up a friendship?

Chapter 1: Hi

Hi I'm Shelly short for Michelle but I like to be called Shelly. I'm in the sixth grade. My best friend is Abby. Abby is nice, tall, fun, out going, she's actually kind of like me. Well me life started at this Catholic School when I was about 6, I was in kindergarten. Now in sixth and have these old, cranky, and boring teachers that make kids fall asleep. Today I got really board and started to text my friend Abby across the classroom. We were texting and I had my phone on vibrate and my teacher who is 72 Mr. Halk caught me and Abby texting and made us read the whole entire conversation to the class. It really wasn't bad we only used one swear word and we said it aloud because he said “read everything.\" I really don't know why the word shut up is a bad word. Well anyways when I got home I got yelled at because I was texting during class, but really when my brother does it and gets caught he doesn't get yelled at or grounded. Oh ya I forgot to tell you I have a brother and a sister both older than me. My sister's name is Pinellipea. My brother's name is Jack. Jack is the oldest of all of us. They are both weird, I'm the only normal one in this house and I'm just so ashamed because there's three of us. Also I wish I were an only child. Even though I think only children act bratty, but I guess that's ok because if I were an only child I bet I'd act the same way if I were pampered like they are. My mom always says that I wouldn't like to be an only child because I'd be lonely and plus if anyone would be the only child it would be Jack because Jack is the oldest and he was born first. I really should start a list of things I love or hate or even maybe start to write in a diary.

Things I love Things I hate Abby (friend) having brothers and sisters My phone Mr.Halk (teacher) All of my friends oldest kids Boy’s only kids (I wish I was)

Chapter 2: Dear, Diary Not!

I tried to write to a diary but it's so dumb. Anyways I really don’t have any problems I just love but hate some things, so that’s why I went with the list of things I love and hate. I need to fill the page so I’m going to do some brainstorming, but for right now I will explain why I wrote the things on the “things I love list” and then the “things I hate list”. On the “things I love list” I wrote Abby as a friend because she is someone who’s always at your side, I wrote my phone because it’s kind of obvious I just down right love my phone “It just opens me up to a whole world of texting”, I wrote all of my friends because none are really mean yet, and I wrote boys well because and right now I’m looking for my prince charming which I haven’t found yet. On my things I hate list I wrote having brothers and sisters because I really wish I were an only child who gets spoiled and they annoy me a whole lot, I wrote Mr. Halk my teacher because he’s old, boring, lazy, and did I mention he’s boring, I wrote oldest kids because they get everything they want, they don’t get grounded, they get unlimited texting, and they could be only children if their parents didn’t have other kids, and I wrote only kids because I wish I was an only kid and got spoiled all of the time wouldn’t you like that? Well I’m pooped. I’m going to go to bed this was a very complicated and productive day Good Night. ZZzz.

Chapter 3: Good morning

Good morning my family. What a nice day what ya’ll got planned for today? “Well you’re going to school” said her mother “um ya about that I really don’t feel like going because a well I have the stomach flu, the chills, and a temperature of 102 Degrees. “Well that’s too bad today are those auditions that you and Abby wanted to try out for.” said her mother. “I’m all better now see ya! Ah the great school auditions. I wonder what play we are doing this year I also hope the Abby and I make it. I’m walking on the side walk in a hurry to get to school when I see this kid getting chocked bay what it seems to be a boy. Oh my now I see! It’s Herbert! You can cross him out on my friends list. That very moment I stood up to Herbert and saved the kid but as I got closer I realized this wasn’t just any old kid it was Abby! Now I took even more caution to getting closer to go hug my friend and talk to her. Man, imagine if her mom didn’t bring up the school play shelly would’ve let her friend suffer and then Abby wouldn’t be Shelly’s best friend because she’d be in a coma and she wouldn’t be able to text. Wow, that’s a lot on my plate for this morning I’m just so glad that Abby is okay. I told her that bullies like to see fright and I told her to stand up for her self. Then as we finish our long journey until we get to school I caught her up on all of the details and told her that the school play auditions were today and how if her wouldn’t of told her she wouldn’t be here with Abby because she had came down with a bad case of fake stomach flu and they both laughed. Hey Abby you are head of student council right? Ya responded Abby. Do you know what this year themes are? Ya I do it’s the one you submitted it’s Fright night and it’ll be about this couple who kisses a lot and then the rest is a mystery that I can’t tell you. Oh please Abby asked shelly No she responded absolutely not!

Things I love Things I hate Abby Mr. Halk My phone brothers Boy’s sisters Oldest kids Only kids Herbert Bullies

Chapter 4: School Play “Fright Night”

I got in. I got in. I got in. I got the lead part, also a girl tripped and flipped off the stage (which was hilarious by the way!) said shelly. Also the boy I’ve been crushing on (Nick) since kindergarten got in to be the sound effects drummer. Abby for you the results come out tomorrow. You have nothing to worry about and plus you get to be the leads best friend. “I guess so” said Abby under her breath. Abby I’m so happy right now, but I’m really hungry it must be lunch time and we can talk at the table ok. “Ok” said Abby. They walked to the table with Abby’s boyfriend Jason and started to talk.” Hey Jason did you try out for the boys lead in the school play.” asked Shelly. Ya I did I hope I did good enough to get the part! Hey Shelly why are you so happy?” I’m so happy because I got the girls lead in the school play!” Awesome! Jason said. As Abby and Jason talk, Abby sits there all alone drinking her chocolate milk and choking down her chicken that tastes like cardboard not that she’d ever tried cardboard. Abby speaks up and says so hey babe and tries to kiss him because she was obviously jealous that Shelly and Jason had more in common more than Abby and Jason did. When lunchtime was over they all went home and wait for the results in the morning. Most don’t sleep but the ones that do have nightmares and dreams about being in the play. They’re just wanna be's well that’s my opinion because I got the lead role. Shelly is the only one who is sleeping tonight peacefully because she knew she was all good and the part she wanted. What a great day.

Things I love Things I hate Abby brothers My phone sisters Boys Mr. Halk Jason (friend) oldest kids Nick (dream BF) only kids Drum effect boys Herbert Whoever picked me to bullies Be the lead in the School play

Chapter 5: The big results

It’s the next day and the result’s are on the bulletin board it read...

*lead role/Shannon= Michelle *lead role/Braden= Jason *make up= Abby *costumes=Jack *back round dancers= Sara, Jill, Jacky, Nat, Sati, Shannon, Kelly, Austin *play idea from=Michelle *Sound effect drummer/Shelly’s crush=Nick

OMG. He got the part I have to tell him. Ta says Abby not very enthusiastically. I know! I can’t wait I wonder when the practices are. Abby points out something at the end of the page it read


I have to spend hours with Jason! I wonder what we do as Shannon and Brandon. I wonder if it’s a love story OMG I have to go home and tell my mom and I need to find out what the theme is I have so much to do sorry Abby, I have to go I only have one hour before practice starts. Bye.

Chapter 6: Who picked me to be the lead in the school play?

When I got home I did some thinking. I wanted to find out who picked me to be the lead in the school play. When I get to school I’ll see who picked me because they’ll be the director. Right? Maybe other teachers helped pick. I never knew this would bother me so much. You probably think I’m crazy, I mean I got the lead in the school play. How much more could I ask for I’m going to throw around some ideas. Here are all of my teachers.

Mr. Field (math teacher) Mr. Halk (homeroom teacher) Mrs. Zac (English teacher) Mrs. Ramon (spelling teacher) Mrs. Tetchier (Social Studies teacher)

How could it be any of those they all hate me. Maybe I’ll just ask all of them. Yes, that’s what I’ll do I’ll ask them before practice starts. I better get going if I want to find out who picked me. I’m on my way to school. First I’ll start with Mr. Field. I was out of there quick he yelled at me and asked me why he’d ever take a part in anything like that, a play. I’m a math teacher leave my room now. Mr. Field’s a no. Next I’m off to Mrs. Zac. Mrs. Zac was nice about it but she said she hadn’t even known they were doing a play this year so Mrs. Zac’s a no. Now I’m off to Mrs. Ramon. Mrs. Ramon got so mad she spelled out each letter N O W H Y W O U L D I B E P A R T O F T H A T! Mrs. Ramon’s an N O! Off to Mrs. Tetchier class she’s actually kind of nice. Mrs. Tetchier said no with a definition of no in a social study term kind of like she said she has no extra time to do stuff like that. This only leaves one teacher left. MR. HALK. Dun Dunn Dunn. As I entered Mr. Halk’s room he soon told met hat he thinks I’m talented. I just looked at him. I finally realized I don’t hate him anymore I actually like him I have to tell Abby. And then she left. On my way to play practice. I can’t wait!

Things I love Things I hate Abby brothers My phone sisters Boys bullies Jason (friend) oldest kids Nick (dream BF) only kids Drum effect boys Herbert Mr. Halk

Chapter 7: 1st Play Practice

When I got to play practiced I soon learned that Mr. Halk wasn’t just a teacher who helped pick out people for the play. He was the teacher for the school play. I guess you can say that he’s the director. He’s the director of the play idea I had. He picked the play idea I had. WOW. I’m just amazed. I said hi to Mr. Halk with amazement. He said “come on class we have a lot to work on especially the leads. Now I’ll give you the plot on the school play. Also I’ll tell you how you are going to learn your parts.’’ This plays plot is ABOUT A GIRL WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH A GUY AND SHE DOESN’T KNOW IF HE LIKES HER OR NOT, BUT TI TURNS OUT HE’S HAD A CRUSH ON HER LONGER THAN SHE’S HAD A CRUSH ON HIM. IT’S ALSO ABOUT HOW SHE GET’S IN TROUBLE AND HE SAVES HER LIKE A PRINCE CHARMING. THEY THEN GET MARRIED. Got it good. You guys have to get together with the people you interact with and remember it’s just a play so if you have to kiss like the leads do well that’s what you guys do don’t skip the part ok. Now go home and practice. I would say you should start tomorrow on taking the person home you work with and make sure your parents know that this is a command not an if you want to. Bye. She went over to talk to Jason and they’ll switch off coming to each other’s houses. Shelly gave him the address of Paten dr. 7895, Twinsburg Ohio. He gave her the address of Paten Dr. 8940, Twinsburg Ohio. They then looked at eachother and noticed that that they lived on the same street and didn’t know it. She said that they can just walk over to each others houses with no problem. They both then left.

Chapter 8: The next day

It’s the next day and the weekend. I went to go tell Abby how play practice went and what happened. I asked her why she didn’t tell me that Jason lived on my street. I know she’s been there before so I don’t see why she wouldn’t have told me. I guess maybe she just found out and since she was jealous that Jason and I had more in common maybe she thought I’d steal her boy friend. Why would I do that though? I need to ask her right away. “Hey Abby how come you didn’t tell me that Jason lived on my street and tell me the truth. Did you think I’d steal him from you?” Asked Shelly. Abby’s response was “ Shelly, I kind of was jealous at the time I guess I was also mad at you because well you and Jason were talking and spending more time together than Jason and I ever did in the whole year of dating him and you’ve only been doing that for a month. You see Shelly I’m jealous and really mad at you. I got to go bye.” ‘Wait ‘yelled shelly, but Abby just kept on walking. Shelly went and sat down on the bench and she quietly said to her self “Well Abby if you can’t handle it then maybe I’ll just drop out of the play for you.” I don’t know how but Abby heard her and yelled back at her “ Don’t drop out just watch out don’t fall in love he’s mine and I’m going to his house right now to talk to him. If I find out anything Shelly I’m going to be mad.

Things I love Things I hate Mr. Halk brothers My phone sisters Boys’ bullies Jason (friend) oldest kids Nick (dream BF) only kids Drum effect boys Herbert Friends who suspect the wrong idea. Abby

Chapter 9: It’s not what it looks like ok maybe it is

Today I’m going to practice the play over at Jason’s house. I bet Abby’s so worried about me stealing him every time we practice she has to be there. Shelly then gave her mom a kiss and told her she loves her and that she’ll be home in two hours. Off to Jason’s house. She rang the doorbell, but as she stood there she forgot her script so they’d have to share now I guess. Oh know, is that too close for Abby Lol. When she told Jason she asked him if he wanted her to go get it and he’s the one who suggested that we share. Maybe I will steal Jason from Abby it’s not like Abby’s going to trust he any how so why should she care. She has to plan this very carefully when she gets home. They then start to red the script really close and the came one of those moments where they kiss and they did. It turns out that Jason is a really got kisser. As we kissed it got more passionate and it wasn’t a play kiss anymore this was a real kiss. I feel bad now well kind of because Abby’s never kissed him. In her mind as they took that 13 sec kiss she started to say score in her head because step one in her plan that she didn’t even plan yet happened, but then on the 11th sec they saw that Abby was there and saw the who thing. They then quickly said it was just a play kiss , but Abby didn’t know was that the play kiss was only suppose to be for 3 seconds. When Abby left Jason and Shelly started to talk. The then said that they are almost in 7th grade and for both of there parents said that in 7th grade they were aloud to go alone to like dinner dates and stuff like that and then he said “About that I want to dump Abby, but I won’t unless you say that you want to date me if I do that because we have so much more in common and um you are the kind of girl who kisses on the first moment not first year like Abby and she still hasn’t kissed me, so what do you say?’” Sure” said Shelly trying not to seem to excited. Then she had a thought in her head it was “wow I didn’t even make a plan to steal Abby’s boyfriend” said the devil on one shoulder and then on the other shoulder the angel said “Do you really want to lose the friendship you two had I mean you’ve been friends with Abby for years to you want to break that.” Abby then thought for a moment and picked the devil she was into Jason and just because it was her friend’s boyfriend he asked her she didn’t even make a move. She then kissed Jason a kiss goodbye and said “we didn’t get much practice in, but we did get kissing in and whispered crush Abby’s heart I like you a whole lot and I want to go on dates with you in 2 months when it is 7th grade. Tootles!

Things I love Things I hate Mr. Halk brothers My phone sisters Boys’ bullies Jason (BF friend) oldest kids Nick (cute) only kids Drum effect boys Herbert 7th grade Friends who suspect dates the wrong idea. Abby

Charter 10: Two more months

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