For Fuck's Sake

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Should have been more discrete...

Submitted: February 03, 2016

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Submitted: February 03, 2016



A few years ago.

I'm a bus driver. I'm on a route that picks up school kids from Seaview, Elmfield and Oakfield and then takes them to Ryde High School. It's tightly timed and busy.

At Elmfield a young mum gets on with her son who's about five. “One to Ryde Bus Station please,” she says.

I inform her that the she would be better getting the bus immediately behind - and it is actually behind - as this one takes the longer route.

"I'm not in a rush," she replies. She pays her fare and sits down. I carry on with the service.

Everywhere I go I get held up: Motorists pushing their way through gaps; Cars parked on corners so I can't swing round; Mothers dropping off sons and daughters where they're not supposed to – frustrating, and I have to commence another service straightaway when I get in.

I finally arrive at the Esplanade Bus Station.

The mum who got on at Elmfield gets up and walks down the aisle to alight from the bus with her son. As they get level with the cab the little boy says: “Mummy, what does 'For Fucks Sake!' mean?”


I remind myself in future to check first that the microphone isn't still on when I take over a vehicle.

I never heard anything from the Company. Guess, I got away with it.

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