world at war: 2100

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this was a relatively low effort piece that is about 5 pages in length that is another world war but with very extreme outcomes. it differentiates from any ordinary scenario because it uses my uniquely created mediterranean country called "cacerci" and a large corporation (completely stolen from fallout) called halucigen inc.. the events that transpire are somewhat unrealistic/impossible at times, but it is very a dramatic conflict story. please, give it some feedback!

Submitted: March 19, 2019

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Submitted: March 19, 2019



December 2097- France declares war on the small island nation of Cacerci. The island rests in the mediterranean sea, north of Algeria. War is declared after Cacerci’s ruler, Borani Wamakandi, took down a French battleship. This resulted in nearly 60 casualties of Frenchmen.


August 2098- The French military leader Marco Levasier leads the charge in which Borani Wamakandi is finally assassinated. The charge came from Blue Cape, through Ventura (destroying the city causing hundreds of deaths), and into Wakida, the nation’s capital. Lavasier claims the land as his own when he publicly beheads Wamakandi. He then renames the capital to his name and declares Cacerci a French state.


January 2100- At the turn of the century, turmoil within the French government begins. Small conflicts with the Spanish arise, leading to discomfort among the Cacercian people. They are beginning to feel loyal to Spain, as the Spanish ideology is much more fair than the French. Levasier decides to begin to secede from France, as he has a strong militia and can be a healthy leader to the people.


August 2100- France and Spain enter a war on their border. Combat is a form of modernized trench warfare, but where the soldiers are not dying of natural causes. This conflict is looking like it will last for years due to the sides not losing men fast.


September 2100- A French battleship is once again sunk in the Mediterranean waters, just like what started the original France-Cacerci conflict. But, this time, Cacerci is strong militarily and France is amidst their war with Spain. Nothing arises of this, but France now is enemies to Cacerci.


January 2101- There is still a stalemate on the French-Spanish border. Unbeknownst to the French, Cacerci is aiding Spain in their battle to help fuel their secession from France.


June 2101- The Cacercian aid proves the changing factor in this battle. The Spanish successfully push France backwards into their own territory, mile by mile. The Cacercians and Spanish contact Germany to attempt to join forces to eliminate France. France is the enemy due to their open policies with concepts such as religious and financial discrimination, class systems, and indentured servitude. Germany is intrigued by this idea, but hold back.


July 2101- As if all of the conflict among wasn’t enough, French citizens are beginning plans to engage in a rebellion to abolish the class system. It seems like history really repeats itself.


December 2101- A riot in the streets of Paris result in the brutal deaths of French rebels. The police used a controversial new crowd control method developed by the american company Halucigen INC.  This is a poison gas method that resulted in ,many more casualties than needed. This sparked outrage, and the forces of Germany and Belgium-Holland join the conflict against the French people. The United States don’t interject, which looks bad from the point of view of Marco Levasier.

January 2102-France is surrounded by three enemy nations trying to wipe them off the map with the help of Cacerci. They request assistance from Italy, but get rejected. With all of this, French leader Marc Andre Crevecouer tosses the white flag. He agrees to change policy and support the poor as much as the rich. The powerful nations all step down, except for Cacerci. They have an agenda to destroy France, due to old feelings.


April 2102- Marc Andre Crevecouer, the French leader, is poisoned in his quarters. It is unknown at the time who actually carried through with the act.


June 2102- Documents uncover that the assassin was a French native Cacercian loyal who climbed the ranks in Crevecouer’s kitchen just to get the opportunity to kill him. The chef is sent to the Balearic Island Prison system, where he faced life in prison. He was killed after two days in a cell.


July 2102- The United States decide to aid France in recovery from the minor rebellion and the battles in their now shrunk territory (They are confined towards the Atlantic, losing Andorra and Monaco in the process). This is only because of the change of policy. Despite being responsible for the death of Crevecouer and liberating the people, Marco Levasier and the Cacercians now detest the united states for their aid to France.


October 2102- The Cecarcian militia becomes a client of the american company Halucigen INC. This is the company that supplied France with the crowd control methods that tore the country apart.


November 2102- The POTUS, Johnston Buckley, gets assassinated on his way to his motorcade exiting the oval office. Sound and physical evidence reveals the shot was a record breaking sniper kill, and the ammunition was destroyed enough to be untraceable. This killing shows that there is new war technology in the world capable of extreme and easy destruction.

The assassination of the President sends the United States into panic. Buckley was a controversial leader, but the now president has a very aggressive mentality. Naturally, the Cacercians are blamed for this assassination. They didn’t know at the time, but these suspitions were true. Cacerci builds an arsenal of superweapons comparable to nuclear explosives. The deal with Halucigen does bring up some skepticism, though.


December 2102- New president Ender Wolffard puts his danger on display early on, declaring war on Cacerci. They get allies in France, and Russia introduces themselves to the conflict to aid USA+France. But, this causes discomfort among the Spanish who are still affiliated with Cacerci. Spain and Belgium-Holland take the side of Cacerci. Halucigen INC. remains in Cacerci aswell, operating, producing, and testing on a peninsula in western Cacerci. Meanwhile, Russian spies claim a portion of land in Cacerci, on the south end of the Gardroni mountain range. This land is desolate, and they remain undetected enough to spy on operations within those portions of Cacerci. They eventually have insiders on operations in Sito City, New Algiers, and Cacerci Sud.


November 2103- After almost an entire year, not one death has come from this war. Russia begins to extend its spying empire within Cacerci to the ruins of the city of Balkin. A small company of Russian men traverse along the coast and reach Balkin, but are captured by what they assume are Cacercians. When these Russians wake up in imprisonment, though, they dont hear the captors speaking French (the dominant language of Cacerci). They are speaking english, with heavy british accents. These highly trained russian spies manage to converse and clarify with the British what was going on, as legitimate Cacercians listened in disbelief. The British had the same idea as Russia, to infiltrate from the remote Cacerci Sud. This chance discovery leads the quiet addition of Britain to the alliance. For clarity’s sake, USA, Britain, Russia, and France are known as the Allies (as per usual with the Americans) and Cacerci, Spain, and Belgium-Holland are known as the Power States.


February 2104- Seeking opportunity for expansion and financial gain, every nation in the Balkins of europe (barring Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria who don’t yet get involved) join the Power States.


March 2104-Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus join the Allies due to recent support from the Russians. Ukraine considers entry to the war but fear total destruction. Poland does the same, but declares slight allegiance to the Allies.


April 2104- The first battle of the war commences. Spain fires the first shot, attempting a takeover of France. English soldiers aren’t having it and officially demonstrate their loyalty to the allies by assisting France. Cacerci joins to aid the Power States in France. At this time, Germany becomes a Power State and joins the fight in france. USA enters the battle, behind Ender Wolffard, with guns blazing. The fields of France are totally ruined by explosives and Halucigen poison products being used by Cacercians and Americans.


September 2104- Hundreds of thousands have died in France at this point. Almost no Frenchmen are left, which is a huge victory for the Power States. USA retreats, England returns to their Island, and Russia remains a no show as they are still working with a select few british in their infiltration job east of the Gardroni mountains.


October 2104-German forces begin to traverse poland, but the Baltic nations get word of this. They all meet in the middle of Poland, where another battle emerges. The strength of the 4 Baltic nations along with russian strength completely dominates germany. As germany is destracted on polish soil, England attacks from the west. Germany is sandwiched, and declining fast. The germans call in or Spanish help, but the United states aid the British. By December, Germany is nearly vanquished.


December 2104-With their last breaths, Germany gets the Balkins to assist them. This is a promising venture for the Power States.


July 2105- Russia completely eliminates Germany in one swoop, losing only around 10% of what the Germans lose in terms of men. Spain don’t make it in time, as Britain defend the grounds. Belgium-Holland manage to kill thousands of British soldiers and almost prevent the German elimination, but fail. Poland, despite being destroyed, remains a sovereign state and the lands once known as Germany become Baltia, occupied by multiple Allies.


October 2105- Cacerci, Spain, and Belgium-Holland launch an attack on the new Baltia lands. The allies formulate a plan, though, to catch the Power States off guard. As The PS’s attack Baltia, the allies will join forces on those grounds to hold out as losabendidong as possible without claiming victory. This causes the ultra aggressive Cacerci (still behind Marco Levasier) to send in reinforcements to Baltia. The allies then send a dummy fleet of battleships on a beeline to cacerci, causing all the troops currently stationed at home to defend in North Mediterania. When this occurs, the American soldiers situated on the northwest Cacerci peninsula (armed with Halucigen INC technologies) enter into Cacerci, heading to Levasier City. As this is happening, Algerians now invade via ships through south Cacerci and the beaches of Mediterania where just 7 months prior they lost thousands of men to Halucigen tech that their allies are using on this very day. British and Russian men travel through the Gardroni Mountains to engage. All four nations corner the few Cacercian soldiers at home in the capital city, where Marco Levasier is now in hiding. The men are destroyed rapidly, and the location of Levasier is uncovered. Marco Levasier is killed, the fatal blow delivered by an Algerian soldier and member of the Wamakandi family. The issue is, he had time to launch the three superweapons he had developed with Halucigen tech. Now, in Baltia, the Allies use all their forces and push hard for the victory in Baltia. Spain is forced to retreat home and Belgian-Holland does the same. Meanwhile, the superweapons which are nearly undetectable make their mark on history. One hits the southwest United States, causing millions upon millions of death and trillions of dollars in damages for lost infrastructure. Another one lands in Northern russia, not doing nearly as much damage but still killing millions. And one lands in the Bay of Bengal, leading to Tsunamis in the bordering countries. This marks the most catostrophic man-made event in the worlds history, and the most lives lost in a matter of a day by millions. But, in the end, the Allies win the war.


November 2106-Ender Wollfard suffers a heart attack during work at the White House, sending the crippled united states into a state of fear and weakness.


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