Tennis and Friends 2

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Now that Alice has learned how to play tennis from her friend Stephanie will she confront those rude boys from before?

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



What a beautiful day Alice thought as she got up out of bed. It was about eight am to be exact but you could already hear noise in Alice's home. Noise number one being her adorable small but loud dog barking and jumping on her bed. It was as if he was telling her its time to get up no more sleep for you. Alice's Saturday started with the usual, eating breakfast with her family, brushing her teeth, taking a shower, and watching some cartoons. As she lay on her bed she heard her phone ring and immediately knew who it was, her best friend Stephanie. 


They both agreed to meet at the tennis court by 12:30 pm same time as last week. Alice agreed and told her she would be outside in a couple of minutes once she was prepared. Stephanie was not only Alice's friend but also her new tennis coach, and she has helped improve her skills over the past month. Alice stepped outside and right away the sun was shinning bright on her face. Thank goodness she had decided to wear her hat she thought. Something else she noticed as well how hot it was outside. Her skin felt like it was soon going to melt away if she stayed outside any longer. She thought now i know what a pizza feels like when its being cooked. Alice laughed as that funny image came to her mind. Just as she was laughing she ran into Stephanie, who wonder what was so funny. Alice told Stephanie about the pizza, and both girls began to laugh as they made the short walk to the near by tennis court. As soon as they reached the court Alice began to flinch and hold back a little. Stephanie looked at her friend and said whats wrong? Alice said nothing just thinking about something and continued to walk to the bench and set up. 


Once the girls started swinging their rackets nothing else mattered. The girls were in their own little world and nothing could get them out of it. Stephanie always had a deep passion for tennis, but now Alice was starting to love it as well. The evidence was the huge smile on her face while she was playing. She actually was becoming pretty good at it as well thanks to her friend. That smile though began to slowly fade as her fear began to show up on the court. Three loud boys with their bags slung on their shoulders stepped on to the other side of the tennis court. Please don't be the same boys please don't be the same boys, Alice repeated over and over in her head. She slowly looked up and her fears were correct. The same boys that teased her weeks ago now stood there with huge smiles on their face. Because they boys did not show up for awhile Alice thought they maybe they had decided to stop playing or just found another court to play on. Stephanie noticed her friends slight discomfort and saw the boys behind her, but unlike her friend Stephanie smiled and thought what a good chance. The boys began playing but also starting their usually taunting. Saying things like girls can't play tennis, and why do you girls move so slow? Stephanie walked over to Alice and told her what she was thinking. Alice uneasy but eventually agreed to what she thought was Stephanie's bad plan. 


The girls began to approach the boys with Alice walking slowly behind her friend. Stephanie told the boys why don't they play a game of two versus two? Alice again looked at her friend with a weak look but decided to go trough with it, Stephanie is her best friend after all and she was going to support her just like Stephanie did for her. One of the boys laughed and said in a mocking tone, you want to play us? Sure will play with the little girls in his best little girl voice. So the match began and the first serve was hit by Alice. The ball flew past one of the boys hitting the line, a perfect ace. The boys looked at each other shocked and amazed. Alice had the same exact look as well, she could not believe how well she hit that shot. Stephanie knew of though and just smiled at her friend. As Alice began to serve again the boys realized they would take this more seriously and were prepared this time. Alice struck the ball with the same force from the last serve but this time as it approached the boy in the back he was ready and return the shot with more force right back at the two girls. Now it was the girls turn to be shocked and surprised once the ball flew past them. The boys laughed and said now we play for real and be ready to cry all the way home. So the match continued and the boys got off to a early start and won the first set, 6-4. Stephanie looked at her friend and thought she would see sadness in her eyes, but instead saw happiness and joy. Alice was really enjoying herself even though they were losing. Fear and hesitation had completely vanished from her features. Alice wanted to win just as bad she wanted to. 


This time Stephanie served and once again the boys responded but so did the girls, and a back and forth began to take effect. The girls would strike the ball and the boys would return the shot. Nobody wanted to give in and deep down both sides knew who ever lost this point would gain the momentum. Alice delivered a back hand that sent the ball straight down the line, a perfect shot. The boys were just a little slow with their timing and hit the ball right into the net, the girls had one the point. From that point on they started to go on a run and easily won the second set 6-3. They forced a third and final set, something the boys thought would never happen. You could see the change on their faces, from laughter and boredom to anger and surprise. The third set started and the girls got off to a good start this time taking a 5-3 lead. The boys could not believe it they were close to losing to these girls, they very girls they were making fun off. Maybe it was due to the anger or shock but the boys reached deep and started to play some really good tennis. They were machines and return every shot the was thrown at them. Alice tried to return one of their shots and missed it. The ball had a weird spin that she could not follow at all. With that point it was all tied up 6-6, tie breaker. 


The tie breaker was just as good as the previous sets maybe even better. Both sides playing for everything and playing almost perfect games. The game had to end though and if finally did, as the boys sent a beautiful shot full of power straight at Alice. The ball approached her and Alice quickly got her racket up and somehow reached for the ball keeping it in play and sending it right back with one hand. It was an amazing return, something you would see from a highly skilled player. The fact that Alice was able to hit that shot shocked the boys and is was because they were so stunned that their reaction to the shot was a little late. They were able to return the shot but a little off balance and because of that the shot did not have as much power as they hoped. The ball began to travel over the net and normally that would be a good enough shot to win the game but as the ball slowly dropped on the girls side Stephanie quickly ran to the net and swung her racket at the ball gently striking it and sending it back on the other side, and because one of the boys was off balance he could not react to the shot and the ball hit the ground giving the girls the point and the match. Stephanie and Alice jumped for joy and hugged each other. We won we won they said over and over, a slight bit of disbelief in their voice. 


The boys slowly got their rackets their head down in shame and thought about leaving without saying anything but then began to approach the happy girls. Stephanie noticed the boys coming and turned to them and quickly said i want you guys to apologize to us. The boys slowly looked up and did just that apologizing for how they treated the girls. After they said sorry they stuck their hands out for a hand shake, a symbol of respect. The girls accepted their apologies and shook their hands. As the boys began to walk away Alice asked same time next week? The boys turned around and said sure why not and smiled. Alice was really impressed with herself, and she knew her friend helped her a lot. The girls hugged again and began to walk home tired from the game and the intense heat.

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