A Dream? by Julia

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is it a dream?

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




I woke up somewhere unfamiliar.  Everything felt strange and unrecognizable.  I was confused and thought perhaps I was still dreaming, floating around in my own world deep in my brain.  I took a hard blink, rubbed my eyes and took another intense observation around my being.  Where was I? I got out of a bed I have never seen before, and walked over to the mirror.  When I looked in the mirror I was in shock and looked away.  I then took a long gaze back in the mirror.  Who was that girl? “That isn’t me.  I have long dark hair; this girl has short red hair.  I have freckles; this girl has tan dark skin.  I am tall this girl is short”.  Who was this? Who was I?

Frightened, I walked out the room, down the stairs and out the door.  Outside nothing was moving, it looked dead.  I walked down the street in my nightgown.  The sun was slightly shining through some dull clouds.  The streets were clear, there were no cars.  There was no wind, only dead bitter air.  There were no squirrels, or birds, or dogs.  No one was walking down the sidewalk.  No car horns, police sirens, kids yelling.  It was dead.  Where was I?  I walked down the end of the block and around the corner hoping to see some sort of sign of life.  I saw nothing, and continued to walk.

All of a sudden my heart started to slowly begin to beat faster, and faster.  My face got hot and my throat closed up.  In the distance I saw something.  I saw a faint silhouette of a man on the sidewalk across the street.  The figure reached closer, slowly as I continued to walk towards it, not knowing if it was a smart idea.  Eventually the man was in clear sight.  He was an old man, pale skin, thin silver hair and dark raggedy clothes.  The old man continued to walk and was now directly across from me.  He walked with his head down dragging his feet along, slow as a snail.  He had a dull sad look on his face, but just as we passed, he flashed a creepy disturbing smirk, and went on his way.

Who was this man? Why was he the only sign of life around me? What was the creepy smile for? Does he know me? Do I know him? Where am I?

After some time walking I noticed there was no other sign of life around me, and not knowing what else to do, I found my way back to the same house I came from.  I searched the house cautiously to see if I could find any hints as to where I was.  After I searched the whole house I became very weary and sat on a plump green chair.  I lay back and closed my eyes for a rest.  Then all of a sudden the same old man I saw earlier appeared in my head.  He smiled and said something I couldn’t understand. 

Freaked out, I jumped up and began to run! I was now extremely frightened and wanted to just go home.  I ran out the house and down the street faster, and faster, farther, and farther.  Then I saw the old man again to my left and just as I saw him I tripped over the curb and fell hard.  I saw nothing but black.

I then opened my eyes to the sound of an alarm, 7:15 it read.  I was in my bed snuggled in my purple sheets.  I smiled and said to myself, “I guess it was just a dream.” I got up, got dressed and went to school.  As soon as I got to school I walked to my first class, science.  I walked in and didn’t see my teacher.  “Where’s Mr. B?” I asked Sarah the girl who sits next to me.

“Oh, he’s absent today.  We have a sub.” 

I then looked up to the front of the classroom and saw an old man’s back who was facing the board.  I then looked through my folder and tried to find a certain piece of paper as the sub began taking attendance and called out “Annabel Adee.”  As I looked up to say “Here!”  I was stopped short by what I saw, in shock.  It was the creepy old man from what I thought was my dream.

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