Not Yet Completely Alone by Julia

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Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




The clock ticked from tick to tick sitting on a washout white wall above an old worn down dresser. Atop that dresser were photographs in picture frames collecting dust, not being touched in years.  To the left of that dresser, a thin dwarfish lamp stood in place, the bulb flickering its dull light back and forth.  Just in front of the lamp sat a plump discolored dinky chair with a solitary book lying on top.  Just to the right of this chair several coffee cup rings lay spread out along top of a circular glass table. Underneath the table is a fairly old looking carpet, rough around the edges, and a few nasty -looking stains here and there.  The carpet lay on top of a faded, hard wooden floor.  A few nails stuck out from loose planks of wood, being walked on a few too many times, a few too many years ago.  Across the room attached on the wall were four coat hooks, only one with a jacket hanging on tight. The other three lay naked.  Underneath sat a pair of unaccompanied shoes where three others would also have room.  In the right back corner of the room sat a plump, comfy-looking, beige chair.  In that chair sat an aged, grumpy, disturbed, yet kind looking man.

Who was this man?  Many loved to know.  He was one that wondered around town only every few days.  He never spoke a word except a smile to the little kids playing hopscotch on the corner.  He always wore out the same tired jacket, peeled leather on the sides, and green trimming.  He was a lonely man.  He was okay with being alone though.  This man used to have a family, a beautiful wonderful family.  None of them were with him any longer.  He depended on nobody but himself. 

This day was a nice day that the old man, Henry decided to go for one of his walks through town.  When he exited the house he saw the freshly dewed grass and the sun still awakening through the chilled air.  He took a deep breath of the freshly brewed air and sighed a smile of comfort.  He was ready for his usual routine walk. 

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