Ode to Dad by Julia

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ode to my father

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




The unwanted bike ride invitations were greatly appreciated,

Denied to the fullest each time, but thankful to be asked.

The random acts of kindness I miss.

To wake up to fresh Dunkin’ Donuts on the counter,

Was always a great start to my morning.


A’s on papers and essays I received,

From your hours of help taken from your time.

My greatest potential was always your best interest.


A present everyday.

The banana or apple sitting on the counter,

With my vitamins and broccoli and carrots,

And chocolate milk.

All laid out from you to me.

Healthiest child alive.


You were dedicated to coming to each

And every soccer game I had.

Never missed a single match.

Quiet, on the sidelines,

But afterwards praised by you like no other.


I know even though I wasn’t,

I was perfect in your eyes.

We both were

My sister and I.


Never fully expressed how grateful

A child can be for having such a smart

Loving father like you.

I know the love was overflowing there

Somewhere hidden beneath.

I love you.


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