Rock by Julia

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nature speaks

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Through the speaking of the trees,

An autumn breeze whispers the gossip.

The wind begins to flow and travel throughout the land,

Going from branch to leaf,

From bird to man.

“Live,” whispers the breeze,

“Live, live, live, live.”

The man turns his head as though he has heard,

As though he felt a tickle in his ear.

He looks around but sees no one in sight.

The man continues to walk and drowns deep into his thoughts.

“Where has my life spiraled to?

My love is gone, my only love.

She is gone like last weeks paycheck.

Gone like the years between twenty-five and thirty.”

Interrupting his reality, the man hears something again.

He snaps his head around to see nothing but a rock.

He stops and strangely stares at it for a moment.

He picks it up and grasps it tightly in his palm.

“Distant destiny!” the rock cries out to him.

The man looks at the rock with great confusion.

“You must learn”, the rock continues,

“If you love something… you will lose it.”

The mans eyes fall disappointed,

As he drops the rock and walks away.

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