What is the Point? by Julia

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its too late

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




What is the point?

Don’t tell me you’re sorry,

When we both know you’re going to do it again.

Don’t act like everything is okay,

When everything was just out of control.

Don’t try and fix everything,

When we both know you can’t.

Don’t ask me why we all hate you,

When you know the answer perfectly well.

Don’t act surprised when you find out

I’m lonely, depressed, and angry.

When you know it’s mostly because of you.

Don’t ask why I act how I do now,

When you know

Deep inside

It all leads back to you.

Don’t try and act innocent,

When we all know you’re not.

Don’t try and blame it on your horrible childhood,

When we both know that’s not an excuse.

Don’t try and say the things I’m doing now are “bad”,

When we both know you were ten times as bad at my age,

Out of control.

You missed out on a chunk of my life.

A horrible chunk,

That shouldn’t have been the way it was.

You cheated your way through life,

Now its time for me to cheat my way through mine.

It's all a lie.

Don’t say you just want to be friends,

When we both know it’s too late for that.

Too late for anything.

I have tried my best,

My hardest,

To get along with you.

But it’s impossible.

I’ve given up already.

Why haven’t you?

I’m waiting….

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