Will Not Show by Julia

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painful love

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




The love is gone of that I fear,

The ones I thought that were so near.

To wait upon the thoughts and lies,

To wake up to the screaming cries.

It burns my heart and stings my mind,

To know the love you could not find.

For me I know I will not forget,

The stunning day of that we met.

The sun was bright the sky was clear,

Seems it’s been a day, but not a year.

I’ll always remember the crystal blue,

In the eyes of no one but you.

Please, I beg, just one more chance,

To look at you, if not a glance.

You ripped my heart, deep from my chest,

I had not known, could not have guessed.

Pain now lays in the gaping hole,

Of where once it lie my soul.

Our love is dead of that I know,

Yet on my face it will not show.

I laugh and smile from ear to ear,

You will not see a single tear.

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