Yellow Roses

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In memory of my loving father. Sometime long ago..

Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Submitted: January 11, 2008



I remember when I was a little girl,

you brought me yellow roses once.

It seems like such a long time ago,

somehow I can still smell them though.

Your hands where three times the size of mine.

Your heart was beating fast but not evenly.

The smile on your face when you gave them straight to me, reflected what I was feeling and how much you must have loved me.

I thankyou for the memories the time alone we shared,

the understaning and the hugs that was always there.

I remember so many things

that happened over the years

and have tried not to forget,

what it is and why I am here.

Somewhere deep inside I feel I could die

I miss your kind words and your smile.

Just because you are my dad,

does not change a thing.

You were the greatest dad

anyone could have ever seen.

Your time you spent with us.

Your trust and love we got.

Your wisdom strength and courage,

you gave without a cost.

Your love was so much more

then any of us bargined for.

Maybe thats why we feel,

we miss you even more.

I wished your heart was better,

everytime I got a chance.

My wishes were used up everynight,

when we gazed up into the sky,

when we did "star light star bright."

I wished I'd wished harder.

I wished my wish came true,

that your heart whould feel better

and so would you.

I was only a little girl and

I was your littl girl.

I used to help you when you came home from hospital.

I remember the antiseptic smell the

dressings I had to change.

My mum was to upset and could not look at them again.

I wanted you to be better.

So I would help the nurse when she came

she showed me what to do,

sometimes it was fun.

Even though I was so young.

Even though you went away.

I remember your face and your smile,

I miss you everyday.

I miss the way you used to tuck me in at night,

you would lean over and give me a kiss,

you always said "don't let them bed bugs bite!"

Sometimes I wish your heart could of waited a little while longer.

So I could try and grow a little stronger.

I got up ready for school that day

I was looking forward to it that day,

my birthday was thirteen days away,

my mum said I could have a sleepover.

My mum came in and told me that

something terrible had happened last night.

I thought Max our dog had died.

But she said, you where taken away and your heart had given up as she held me.

It hurt deep down inside.

I knew you were sick but I dont think I ever thought

that you would die without even saying goodbye.

Then I realised I had slept through it all.

The ambulance had come the sirens and all,

I slept right through it all,

I slept right through it all,

I slept right through it all,

I slept right through it all!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I was not so small.

But daddy wherever you are

Far away or near, remember I love you

and I'll always be here.

I remember everything we did,

all the things you showed me.

You where the bestest dad, there is no doubt about it.

When  I see a yellow rose, tears well in my eyes

my love for you will never die, but

I still wish on "star light star bright..."

But not for your heart to feel better

I wish I had know better...

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