Of Mice and Men Book Review

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Review of one of the well known classic, Of Mice and Men

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Of Mice and Men Book Review
John Steinbeck
Julie Seok

This classic novella, Of Mice and Men, is one of the well acknowledged pieces by John Steinbeck. The story grasps readers’ attention with history of America and a very touching story of unique friendship between George and Lennie. Haunting history to Americans such as the Dust Bowl, Great Depression and Okies adversely revolves around the character’s life. In the midst of dystopia, most relationships are devoured and rare friendship is hard to find, especially between men. However George and Lennie’s relationship is different. Through this, readers can understand the main theme, which is the nature of humans.
Lennie has an innocent soul trapped inside his masculine body, even though he is intellectually challenged. George is always there to put up with his ignorance. George can be often cynical, high-strung and volatile but their unique difference keeps them even closer. While Lennie is stuck in his blissful state of ignorance, George teaches his only friend the true meaning of life. Whenever they go through a difficult situations, such as moving from farm to farm for a dead-end job, they become inseparable because they bolster each other to survive. Throughout their journey, they thrive for one dream; to live off the fat of the land. This story however does not end with a happy ending, since the world is too harsh and predatory a place to sustain such relationships. Steinbeck, who was inspired by the Depression period, purposely created these two fictional characters to make a social comment on how true friendship should look like. Steinbeck also acknowledges the impossibility of American Dream and people’s ignorance to meaning of life, when it is our life time goal to figure it out. In 1960s, when the book was first published, this caught the public’s attention. This book enlighten and inspired many people to build hopes in the midst of darkness. George and Lennie’s paradise dream filled with freedom, contentment and safety was very attractive to the readers and made them wish to live in this idealistic land.
Not only this book gave a big influence in that time period, but the inspiration of the book still goes on today. The reading level is in gr.10-12 but not only I recommend this book to teenagers but also to those who are in search for life insights.
Steinbeck is truly an author and deserves a round of applause. Not only he convinced me to believe something that was against my thoughts, the book also made me realize that true friends are not friends to share similarities but to exchange their difference to gain benefits from others.


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