romantic ANGEL

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is bout a teenage girl who might be slightly different but love is going to find her heart. anna isn't your average teen she has wings and born-with tattoos. her parents never wanted her. but when she meets mike her world changes

Submitted: December 07, 2010

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Submitted: December 07, 2010



my name is anna.

i live in the circus as the main attraction.

no not because i was pretty, i was a freak.

i was born with wings as black as night (the cool part is i can fold them in my back and look normal).

i also have tattoos that i was born with. on my back beautiful swirls, on my face swirls and roses, and on the rest of my body vines, swirls, roses, thorns, and beautiful moon markings.

i was weird and a freak, and as saraphina had put it i was drop dead gorgeous.

but i knew i wasn't as pretty or beautiful as sara.

\"hey anna, wake up sleeping beauty\" sara told me softly.

\"nnn 5 more minutes\" i told her seepily.

\"wake your tiny ass up anna!!\" she yelled.

i jumped out of bed.

\"holy crap, could be any more louder!\" i said.

\"nope, i have something for you miss anna night\" she said,

oh btw night was given to me for two reasons.

1. i had no last name,

2. sara thought it was a bad ass last name.

and also sara is the best semstress ever.

\"what now sara?\" i said groggily.

she rolled her eyes and said,

\"i made a new outfit for you\"

\"aw crap sara. don't tell me it's another silk dress?\"i said

\"haha very funny. actually made you a two peice outfit. i think you'll like it.\"

she walked to my closet and pulled out a black outfit.

the top was mid-drift (which means it stops at the top of my stomach) and cool black stops-at the knees jeans.

she also had a choker made out of belt material, boots, and cool wrist bands.

\"what do you think anna?\" she asked.

i ran and hugged her.

\"your the best sara, thank you so much i like it.\" i said.

it was bad ass with the right amount of sexy.

\"get dress bird girl, you have a show to do!\" said the master.

\"alright\" i told him.

but when i was done, he chained me up in the cage.

\"unfold your wings idiot\" he said, and i did.

\"good act vicous and angry and sad\" he told me.

i always did what i was told, just so i could earn my freedom.

\"ladies and gentlemen, i give you the freak of nature. part human part bird.i give you bird girl\"

the curtains went up, and i did my most freakish screech and i thrashed.

he pulled out a whip and my eyes widened.

he hit me more than i could count, but i still acted vicous.

\"stop!\" i heard someone say. probably a boy.

then a boy stepped up in front of the cage.

''what are you doing stupid boy!\" my master asked.

\"stopping you, you sick bastard!\" he said.

'shut up! i deserve this! please be quit!' i shouted in my head but couldn't say the words.

\"you fool, don't you see? this creature deserves this, she is a crime against nature!\" my master said.

\"she is not! if you would let her act the way she wants then you'll see how sweet she is!\" he shouted.

'why is this human defending me? how stupid' i thought.

i crumpled to floor, tired and in pain.

\"see! look at her! does she really deserve this? who cares if she;s different?\" the boy said.

\"stop you idiot!\" i shouted. everyone gasped, they didn;t know i could talk.

\"shut up beast!\" my master shouted and hit me again with the whip.

i screamed as more stinging pain engulfed me.

\"stop! look what you're doing! you're hurting her!\" the boy said.

he grabbed the whip from my master and my master fell to floor.

\"stupid boy! if she gets out you'll all be dead!\" my master shouted.

everyone was scared to help the human boy who was protecting me.

\"stop. don't. keep. protecting. me. i. don't. deserve. niceness\" i said between painful gasps.

\"you deserve to be saved anna. sara! unlock the chains!\" the boy shouted.

soon sara came out and unchained my hands,feet, and throat.

she lifted me up and walked me out of my cage. she stood me next to the human boy.

he grabbed hold of me so i wouldn't fall.

\"see she doesn;t seem dangerous does she\"

then i felt i familar pain in my foot, my master had bit me and hard.

i screeched and took to the sky out of reach of anyone.

\"run! save yourselves!\" my master shouted.

everyone ran screaming. some grabbed weapons and tried to hit me.

as soon as i was above the forest. someone threw rope with rocks tied to each end, wrapped

around my arms and wings.

next thing i knew i was falling then everything went black.

© Copyright 2020 juliet cullen. All rights reserved.

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