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The incredibly handsome heart-throb world explorer Travis Veranda, has been looking for a soul mate for five years. But with his fame and fortune, every girl likes him. Then he meets Chloe Henderson, a kind-hearted girl who is hurting inside. Travis feels that he should help Chloe with her troubled past, but will his riches and understanding be enough for her to let go?

Submitted: December 07, 2013

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Submitted: December 07, 2013



Creating dreams are different from fore filling them. A little boy's dream perhaps, but as scared as he might be, his own wish lives on. On the 21st year of my existence, I realized that I had given up this dream long ago, a dream to find my perfect half. For five years now I have searched, from the Statue of Liberty to the great pyramids of Egypt. Every potential person that I have come across has ended in a tragic failure.

The will and power that I have to find her is stronger than my urge to explore. Famous I may be, but I require but one thing in my dearest, the fairest in heart, not looks. It is not the beauty of her face or the shape of her body but the feeling in her heart, the intentions of which she will do to make things right.

It is truly sad how many people never look. This is the reason most marriages end in divorce. If one truly believes, then you will find them. A wise man once told me, "The person you love isn't someone you can live with, but someone you can't live without".

Oh how many a night have I waited in my cold, empty bed, dreaming about her, what she would look like, how she would act. I never could clearly picture her in my mind, until one night.

When a person says "It came to me in a dream", you'd better listen. A dream can be the most powerful thing in the world. I should know. I once, just once saw my perfect dearest in a dream. She had long, straight brown hair, eyes like clear liquid, and a gaze that I couldn't quite understand. All I know is, I will find her.



I flushed when I heard momma's voice coming over the kitchen. "Darlin', what took you so long?" Momma said in her thick, southern accent.

Living out in the country had that effect on you. "Sorry Momma, I got delayed at the airport."

Momma smiled as Papa walked in. "Oh those contraptions," Momma started with her distaste for airplanes, "Always keepin' people waitin'."

I turned to Papa, who stood next to Momma with a stern and strong frown on his face. "Where'd you go this time?"

I lifted up my chin, "I visited the streets of London."

Papa's lips thinned and he silently though hmm.

Momma's eyes brightened. "Oh, I almost forgot, I have some people I want you to meet."

I plastered on a fake smile. Not that I didn't like the people she invited over to the house, especially on my birthday, but they were usually really quirky.

We quickly walked into the living room, fine china collections everywhere. In the middle of the living room was a small, huddled group, obviously talking about something 'exciting'.

Momma hustled me over to a young, maybe 24 or so, woman with sleek, jet black hair.

"Eventine dear, I would like you to meet my son, Travis."

Eventine turned around and smiled at me, the smile that said, 'I want your money'.

"Well hey there," She had a distinct accent, "Aren't you the hottie who travels the world looking for something?"

"I guess that would be me, yes." Her smile widened.

"You wanna' meet my sister? Her name is Chloe," She looked around, "CHLOE!!" She screamed to the other side of the room, then beckoned her to come.

I looked at Chloe and my heart stopped. Chole was the girl from my dream, no question about it. The straight, brown hair, unmistakable clear, liquid eyes. My gaze drew upon hers. She sensed me staring and looked up, still walking from one side of the living room to the other.

I walked by Eventine, not caring if she took offense or not, my eyes were fixated on Chloe. I stood in front of her, noticing how I was about five inches taller. I offered my hand, which she took and shook.

"Chloe Henderson"

"Travis Veranda"

A shy smile came across her face. It was cute. "You know, my sister babbles about you a lot."

"Does she now?" I said, trying to steer the conversation away from awkward.

"She's over there steaming like a pot." Chloe said this without looking away from my eyes.

"I can imagine. She seems power-hungry." I immediately wanted to take it back, but Chloe smiled, laughed, then said, "Mr. Veranda, I never would have imagined you turning away from a girl."

"Please call me Travis. No need for formalities, and why on earth does it shock you that I would turn away?"

"You seem to be looking for something in this world. I guessed it would be a certain girl, am I right?"

I was surprised. "Almost, though most people don't get that far. I'm looking for my soul mate."

Now it was her turn to be surprised. "A soul mate now? Well, we have a romantic one here. Your parents raised you well."

I smiled. "Now what are you searching for?"

She seemed surprised again."What do you mean?"

"Everybody's searching for something, just that most don't go lookin' for it."

She thought about it for a moment before answering, "Peace... or forgiveness."underline.jpg

Sure I exchanged phone numbers and what not, but I was so sure I'd found her. I know I found her. I don't care if I stop being a legend, I found what I'd been looking for all these five horrible years. The hard part: get her to understand and know that she's my other half and I am hers. I was meeting her today, so sweaty I thought I might burn up and already be beet red before she showed up.

In her mind, I was a playboy when truly, I was a lost boy fore filling his dream. It reminded me of that one Christmas song. Wait! That's perfect. I suddenly stopped sweating, because now, I knew exactly what to do.underline.jpg

She arrived on time, looking so beautiful that the stars were dim in comparison, of course, I'm not just talking about her looks. This was not a date, so she wore a black long-sleeved blouse and dark ripped jeans, I, a red tee and baggy pants.

"Dearest, please come in." I invited.

Chloe gave me a sad smile. "I've told you before, I'm not who you're lookin' for."

"I know, and I've heard you. But please, let me prove you wrong."

Her eyebrows raised and she gawked.

"Is that so?"

"Indeed it is. Tell you what, you let me take you out, show you that you were wrong, and if you still don't believe, then I'll let it go."

She thought about it. "Alright, you have starting now until sun rise the day after tomorrow, two nights and one day."

"Well, then lets get started."


I took her to a place my Momma used to take me when I was little to watch the stars. It always fascinated me and allowed me to talk my troubles out. We lay down on the soft grass of the hill an stared at the billions of stars above us. I pointed out different constellations to her as she followed along eagerly. After a while we lay in comfortable silence.

Chloe hesitated. "You know you can tell me anything." I reassured her. She looked at me and smiled. All hesitation gone, she started, turning back to the stars.

"From the moment I was born I felt hated. My sister, Eventine, was the oldest, I came a few years after. Eventine had this perfect story in her head before I was born that the little trio of a family would stay the same, and that she would always be the center of attention because she was an only child. When I came, that story was shattered. I was just below Eventine on everything, which I didn't mind all that much but she did. She didn't like that I was second place in the school beauty pageant and that she was first. She didn't like that I got my first boyfriend when she was on her second. She never liked that I got all A's and one B while she got straight A's. I guess she just wanted our parents to be proud of just her and not me, like she felt that she had to work hard for everything while I got everything handed to me, and that if she failed even once, her uniqueness would be gone."

"So she's looking for uniqueness." I said aloud.

She looked at me. That gaze I couldn't quite understand but yet understood a little bit more crept up on her face.

"Our parents divorced when I stared middle school. Eventine blamed me for it. At the time I didn't know why, but I feel like somehow I do now. I had overheard Mom and Dad fighting about bills, child care, school lunch money, and the amount of money we'd have to pay for any damage done to the house, which we were renting. I realize then that most of the stuff they were arguing about came from me. To this day Eventine still hasn't forgiven me, and she hates me even more for hanging out with you."

Almost any other guy would have made a move, but I knew, somehow, that Chloe liked to take things slow.

My butt was wet when I got up from the grass. "Well, we best be headin' back then." I said staring towards my momma's house. I offered my hand to help Chole get up.She graciously took it and said her thanks. We walked back to my house making small talk.

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