Kiss Me All Over Again

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if only things could be different, just like i'm envisioning here, you and i would be perfect for each other. Each touch, each kiss would be ours and no one could take that away from us

Submitted: December 07, 2009

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Submitted: December 07, 2009




...and again, I want you so that this ache would end

You will linger in my thoughts as I try to forget you

How you made me feel with that look in your eyes

So giving, so loving (dare i say it out loud)

I wish i could take with me, your hands so sure and strong

Your grey brown eyes - full of passion and pride

Your exquisite kiss gentle on my face, softly nudging for more and more

from me and i want to give you so much back

I want to taste your special flavor - honey and musk

I want you completely

so many good reasons to leave you be

and go on being me, search for someone new

so many people who would be hurt, confused

by a you and me, a reality unseemly

dancing with you when i don't know the steps

feeling i could sing when i dont know the words

smiling at odd moments with the memory of you

saying something funny or doing something cool

i'd drink with you in a next life and not feel this pain

toast away the regrets and not go quietly insane

inching along to kiss you all over and over again

each sigh of pleasure never to complain

every moment i will never forget being with you

and feeling completely free in all we do

i wish things were different

i wish you were here

i wish you could read my thoughts

and know, my real fear was that

i care...

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