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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

an experience during a black out worth reliving with the lights on...


Again, she sighed flouncing onto the couch. She eased her bra down through her shirt and felt indifferent as it slithered stealthily away from her body.

She took a deep breath and whispered it out aloud: "Yes, again."

She hastily grabbed her cell phone, not to call someone or take a call but for the light it stupidly provided. Ah but she was clever. Could she hold it off by flicking that phone open every 15 seconds...flip, snap, flip, snap, flip.


This was not her voice...or her thoughts. This was him, floating in to stand before her just as she remembered him. Easily he gleamed in the darkness, hinting at wet skin, taut young skin. His scent hug in the air between them and she saw, with dread, the flash of his teeth, as he noted how her nostrils flared.

People were laughing nervously in the apartment upstairs or downstairs, glad that the electricity had at least left them in the company of others. What had it done for her? It had come and robbed her of her mind.

He knelt before her taking pity it seemed. He didnt usually.

"Just relax." He eased her shoes from her feet and curled her stockings down from her legs. The skirt, he snapped the links at her waist and drew the zipper down causing the black stillness to quiver at the sound.

Beyond him, she was looking out the window. Could she escape him this time? It seemed he controlled these things or perhaps she thought philosophically, the fear of his darkness easily commanded that control. The night hummed with anticipation of light - morning would come, the power company would fix "it" and an angel of some kind of light would save her.

"Just not now," he laughed biting into her upper thigh that was as bare as the rest of her now. Her leg shook with the force of his teeth, his hunger arching over and carrying her further down still into the darkness.

And then he soothed the spot, licking and kissing her inhaled fury with slow pleasure. He made a lazy figure 7, parting her pussy lips with a deep flick of his tongue. She arched into the moment, giving into darkness.

He pulled her onto the floor with him. How much further into the earth would he take her? She eased her legs apart waiting for the thrust that would surely shatter her mind forever.

"Like before?"

His soft question confused her and she saw for the first time that his eyes were in fact blue. She arched beneath him feeling his heavy hardened penis battering blindly for entry. Her moan was loud as he liked it; she tried to draw him into her, ridding herself of breath and thrusting her breasts up against his tautly held chest.

But it was no use. His body was like a plank above her, refusing to yield.

She closed her eyes against the tears, feeling the roaring white heat of frustration come crawling up through her body, galvanising her.

"This time, my way." Before he digested her snarl, her left foot gave him a sharp kick and as he fell to her, she slipped away and flipped him with his own momentum. Stunned he grabbed blindly for her hands unsure what his free captive would do next.

She was free, now. She could get up and run away and try again to believe he would never find her. Or she could do this, her way.

She was sitting on his thighs and she inched her knees up alongside him, her pussy dripping. He struggled, confounded and arosed. She grabbed his stubborn throbbing cock and he stilled. Her hand glided knowingly up and down its length tightening as he held his breath. The cool suck of her mouth in the fevered darkness nearly ruined him. She moved with slow deliberation not really pleasuring him but herself letting her mouth and hands play with him as they wanted.

She rocked him back and forth humming and sighing - the vibrations, the most painful sounds his body ever felt as she repeatedly denied him release.

He wept, at least she felt his cock did, and at the telltale taste of him she knew her release was imminent.

Suddenly she let him go stretching her arms up to the ceiling as if to say she was just too tired to go on. After all that he had put her through, coming and always taking her at her weakest. Why she couldn't even see her hand in front of her. What could she do when she was oh so afraid of the dark.

She leaned forward drawing one leg up as if to stand.

"But then again..." She levered herself over that bead of moisture on the tip of his cock, bouncing playfully on it, letting him think she would actually let it slip inside her.

This game illuminated a different side of her. She waved her thighs closed and open, capturing him and releasing him. Whenever he grabbed her she simply hovered a little higher out of reach until his hands relenquished their hold on her. He was burning in the dark with pain, pleasure and pure need.

She purred, arching down slowly onto the hardest, hottest cock of her life. He grabbed her hips then and surged into her body as if intent on punishing her. He took control of her wicked dance and ground her into him, desperate for release. They rumbled on the floor, flavouring the night with their grunts and groans.

She felt a quivering at the same time she lost all control of a hot wet gush that seemed to take all of her and give it to him. What next? Was she going to cry? She tried to hold it all in but he thrust up into her that one more time and she felt herself keen and wail. Was she dying? Her heart raced ahead of the moment and she knew she was lost.

She felt like a rag doll atop him, her body boneless. Fascinated she watched the same play of emotions across his face as he fought and lost to her. His hips left the floor and his face shattered into rage, humiliation and satiety. His cock burst free of the confines of her body.

In the dimness, he felt rather than heard her soft laugh.

"Next time, when the lights come back."

Submitted: June 06, 2008

© Copyright 2021 julistar. All rights reserved.

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Classy Peach

This was sort of confusing but definitely turned me on. Definitely.

Sun, June 22nd, 2008 12:11am


shucks, this was supposed to be a fantasy as i am desperately afraid of the dark. thanks for the comment, will have to rework this one.

Sun, June 22nd, 2008 7:46am


interesting, but I have a few questions. Did she not want to have sex with him at first..and was this the first time this had happened or had that been together before. I enjoyed reading it tho.

Mon, January 18th, 2010 8:33pm


this is my attempt at scifi but then i got so caught up in the sex i kinda forgot he was supposed to be an evil spirit or something, so yes they do know each other...:)

Wed, January 20th, 2010 1:39pm

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