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A conversation with myself

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Broken Mirror

When you look in the mirror

What do you see?

Is it who you are?

Or you aspire to be?

Perhaps it’s both

Then it’s duality

There’s another person in there

Another part of me

I ask this fella

Why must you be alone

He tells me that he’s on own

Since I took control

I say I never wanted this

You by yourself

We could one, you know

All you have to do is help

Help what? He screamed at me.

Help you become someone else.

No thank you, sir.

I’m good by myself.

You’re selfish! I yelled at him.

You’re holding back!

You know how great we could be?

Don’t you want that??

That greatness you speak of

Do you want it that bad?

Must it bring about this anger?

Make you this sad?

It’s worth it in the end.

I get everything I desire.

The girl of our dreams,

The funds we require

You miss the point brother

You don’t yet understand the mistake

What good is all that

If all that we know, we forsake?

I’m tired of this life!

I want it to be over!

Half the time, I’m suicidal

And almost never sober

Don’t you see how far gone you are?

Or are you too far to see?

You’re turning yourself into a monster!

Is this what you really wanna be?

You’ve forsaken the woman who raised you

Left her home to rot

Under the roof of Satan’s understudy

The man you call pops

Your siblings are destroying their lives

Your brother isn’t graduating

Your sister is every female you hate

How much more of this can you take??

Don’t forget your love life.

Complete and utter trash.

Lost the one girl you loved

To a guy who can’t count to save his own ass

Best friend forever left you

You finally pushed her too far

With your condescendence and confidence.

Another girl, brother. Another scar.

Your faith is even suffering

You curse God when you aren’t happy

Then thank him when you are

I ask again, my brother. How far?

Words registering

I take a step back

I look at him in the face

Will firmly intact

You made an excellent case

All those things are true

But make no mistake, brother

I’ll leave it all behind, even you

But I don’t want to.

This isn’t my vision.

I want you to come with me.

Make the right decision

But he doesn’t listen

He gets less and less clearer

When I snap back to reality

I find a broken mirror

© Copyright 2018 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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