Date Night

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Put it all into perspective.

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013



Ladies first,


She wakes up in the morning with heavy eyes and a heavy heart, she isn’t sure where to start or if she should in the first place. She wants him in the worst way but it’s only the first date and she’s just not sure …. If she should risk it. If she should trust him with her two treasures, the one called the heart and the one that gives him pleasure. Yet she knows that she can’t stand sleeping by herself and she longs for someone else and she wishes he could help but she doesn’t want to ask for it. She doesn’t want to beg for it, she wants him to want it. She wants him to treasure it, like she treasures his company. She says that ‘I want him to want me’ and so she continues to get dressed and she continues to stress about her dinner date with the best of the best of the men in her life of pain, anguish and strife and the one who she wants to call her ‘wife’. This man, this epitome of everything she ever hoped her husband could be. This potential lover and potential soul mate but remember, it’s only the first date.


Now for the men,


He texts his brother and lets him know of his new lover and to him that means conquest. Slow sex with little to no meaning. Meaningless. Loveless, just another name in an iPhone contact book but deep down, he’s shook cause he knew she wanted more and he knew he could’ve given it to her but love is give and take. He can’t have her heart without the risk that his might break. So he hides his heart and makes it seem nonexistent cause women are ruthless and he won’t forget it. The last one to have his heart basically tore it apart and, as such, it’s his duty to protect it now. To make sure that a woman is never the reason he frowns. Cause women are crazy and they don’t know what they want and a relationship is just not what he needs now and he doesn’t bother making vows cause he knows he’ll break them. He knows he can’t shake them. The feelings of loneliness that lurk within his skin, deep underneath all that regret and heartbreak. He knows it’s more than he can take but he’s a man so he thinks he can. Plus it was only one date.

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