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Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013





It must be fun

To sit on a throne

To look down upon others

And cackle down at their moans.

I often wonder

How different I would be

If the fates reversed us

And switched you and me

I blamed circumstance

For your ignorance and idiocy

But I’ve come to realize

It’s who you are, indeed.

I used to be,

A part of your jury.

Cause you’re a judge who judges

And now the court jester is me.

But my performance is unwilling

I am not meant to entertain

Yet all I inspire in you is laughter

Every time someone mentions my name

How cruel can you be?

To hear a person’s emotions

Their inner most thoughts

And stand there laughing

It must be a maturity thing.

Well, I hope you get better.

But I’m done sharing with you,

I’m no longer your jester.

© Copyright 2019 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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