Little Brother.

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Letter to my road dawg.

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Little Brother

Born one year behind me

From day one you were my protégé

You mimicked me to a tee in everything I did

and inherited many of my ways


I remember when I watered the grass with Granddad

And you wanted to do it too

What’d I say? “Nary, you’re old enough yet.”

And you reminded me so many times, “I’m only a year younger than you!”


Fast forward about five years,

Now I’m in middle school.

I tell you all about the wonders of sixth grade

And you can’t wait for them to happen to you.


Then I graduate from middle school

And next up is you

With all of us by your side, you did it

We all knew you had it in you


See bro, I figured it out that day

All you needed was a push

You had the potential all along

Had everything that it took


Grandma pushed you more than anybody

She gave you the incentive for that drive

She made you strong and wise

Gave you everything you needed to survive


But you got a little big headed

You started believing your own press

You left her there, you were the last one to go

Mom’s place was next.


I warned you, little bro.

I tried to tell you how bad it could go.

I had gone through the same with my pops.

You should’ve trusted me to know.


But you were adamant on leaving

And I, of all people, wouldn’t stand in you way

But when Grandma left and you were the last to cry

I’ll never forget that day 


But aside from that

You made your bed and now you have to lie in it

But that doesn’t give you any excuse brother

There’s one last thing I need you to mimic


You’re the third child

And the next in line

Me and Dee got our cap and gowns.

Now it’s your time.


I know it’s hard.

School sucks and it isn’t for everybody.

But believe me bro, it’s worth it.

Without an education, life is rocky.


So mimic me one more time man

Use me as your inspiration

Get that degree & wear that crown

So I can remember the day of my little brother’s Graduation


And when you’ve done it and you’re on your way.

Don’t stress man, I got you covered.

Cause as long as I live on this Earth,

No one’s ever gonna hurt my little brother.

© Copyright 2017 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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