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Self-reminder. Best reminder.

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




I feel like I needed one of these

I knew it was the only thing that could help

Cause if no one else sends the reminder

I’ll just have to remind myself


Pumped full of testosterone

as such my desires are pure

there’s one thing I want more than anything

One thing that still has that allure


And I know that it’s hard to find

I know that it takes its time

I know I everyone gets their own

But I might give up waiting on my mine


But I wrote this to remind myself

To let myself know

That love is on it’s way for me

It just has some miles left to go


Cause how could I give up on it?

It’s the golden rule, the biggest prize

It’s what everyone should strive for

It’s everything, in my eyes.


Pay no attention to society either

Don’t let them fool y’all

Cause fussing, cussing and fighting

Isn’t love at all.


I won’t hold you up

It takes a lot of work

It’ll make you wanna quit

It’s gonna hurt.


But it’s so worth it man, trust me

I won’t give it way, you have to feel it yourself

Cause when you’re in love and you’re loved

You really don’t need anything else.


Love is possible for me

No matter how down I feel, I have to believe that

I know that’s it waiting for me

I just don’t know where it’s at


It’s so much that gets in front of it

So much that holds it back

So much that keeps us from finding it

So much that we stop looking, that’s a fact


See cause how could we be focused on love

When we’re too busy trying to hide it?

Cause nowadays whoever says it first loses

So everyone just avoids it


I’m sick of games like that though

I don’t want her to be afraid

Cause if she loved me, I needed to hear it

Maybe then I would’ve stayed


So to the next one I find

Please let it be oh so real

Fuck ya friends cause misery loves company

Just tell me how you feel


And trust me baby

Chances are I’ll feel the same

And I’ll tell you that, I’ll let you know

And we’ll be forever done with these games

© Copyright 2019 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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