Status: Finished


Status: Finished

Sacrifice... Sacrifice...

Poem by: Julius Blake


Genre: Poetry



Letter to an old friend.


Letter to an old friend.


Submitted: April 01, 2013

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Submitted: April 01, 2013




To remain well

Sometimes you have to prune

Sometimes you have to take a blade

And cut a few things loose

It’s a sad thing really.

To win, you have to lose.

But between victory and defeat,

Which one will you choose?

From this, one must gather

My loss is at hand

For I feel pained and held back

By someone I used to call my friend

We grew up together

18 years of rivalry

She was like a sister but it seems

We’re destined to be enemies

Cause when we argue,

It’s like we’re trying to kill each other.

Even if they are just words,

We hurt one another.

Then we’re too close

We thought it was meant to be

We forsake our own loves

Thinking it was destiny

Only it wasn’t

And we argue yet again

And we fall out for the umpteenth time

Then we’re friends again

But I grow tired of it all

Sick of being on a roller coaster

Tired of this ride

I just want it to be over

And I wish I could keep her

Cause she means a lot to me.

But it’s so hard for her to accept the truth

So hard for her to see.

So instead of guiding the blind,

I’ll turn a blind eye.

But I’ll always care about her.

Till the day I die.

But this isn’t what she wants

Not how she wanted the end.

It’s too late for all that now.

This is over and done with.

Her voice, I don’t hear it.

I do not desire to anymore.

Her pleas for resolution

I send them right out the door

To my old friend,

I love you. More than my own life.

But I can’t bear you any longer.

You’re my sacrifice.

© Copyright 2016 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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