Tire Swing

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Letter to my best friend.

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013



Tire Swing

Both ends of the spectrum
One extreme or the other
That's all we're destined for
Constantly loving & hating one another

I don't ask for much
But to you, it's everything
Vice versa with you and yours
It's the same old things

You called me last night
Even though we're on the outs
Should've known I didn't wanna talk
Unless an emergency is what it's about

See I've always been the warm one
The one with the positivity
But I've changed now and
the old me is the last thing I wanna be

That used to be you
The one who didn't care
The one who said whoever they wanted
The one who always took it there

But that's the point of this all
This pendulum that we can't escape
This roller coaster we both built
This ride we both take

The others, they push us you know
Cause when we swing, we swing together
So someone has to edge us on
Otherwise it'd end forever

But you listen to them anyway
You let them in you
Don't know how much I have to say it
Or how long it'll escape you

I love you and I hope you know that
To be honest, this is just our thing
Cause all we do is go back & forth
Our relationship is a tire swing

© Copyright 2018 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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