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Life lessons.

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013





For some people

All it takes is one.

One particular injury

For everything to be undone.

Don’t mistake me

I don’t mean physically

And feelings are important

But it’s not just emotionally

A true wound

It can transcend all of those

Mental, physical, emotional.

A wound can reach as far as your soul.

Betrayal and backbiting.

Lies and mischief.

Wounds that we all feel.

No denying this.

Wounds are walls.

In a way, they protect you.

You don’t want to feel a wound again.

So you learn from them and never have to.

Wounds and trust are enemies.

Trust teaches us not to fear wounds.

But wounds teach us never to trust.

Which one is for us?

Then think inversely for a minute.

What if you were the villain?

What if you wounded someone?

How would it feel then?

I’ve felt that before.

Guilt is a powerful wound too

And ironically it comes from

The wounds given by you

But the lesson in this tale

Is not to reflect on a wound

Don’t let it seethe and sit

Move past it!

Don’t let a wound hold you back.

Find something to soothe it.

All of us feel them, trust me it’s okay.

We all hurt. We’ve all been wounded.

© Copyright 2017 Julius Blake. All rights reserved.

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